Chrono Trigger: Page 6

We’re maybe about a third of the way through the game right now. We’re also close to 1000 images, including animated gifs. Someone please stop me. I promise my next Let’s play… thread will be shorter. Maybe even shorter than Super Metroid’s.

Last time on “This is YOUR future, Dave!”, the gang had just discovered that they were, indeed, in the future. The world lay in ruins because of something called “Lavos”. They decide to get rid of this “Lavos” by defeating it.

You’re telling me you call it Rex!?

ogod, you are.

In 23-hundred AD, I was left to study the humans.

OMG, Goon rush!!

Squall could take lessons here.

You see, I’m carrying lots of C4, she can shoot things with my SOCOM, and she’s got some great cure spells..

Or, tell him the truth. You know. Whichever works.

Even Dave could have told you that, and he’s not good with electronics.

I missed a shot. He’ll help us in the factory.

Glasses, you stay behind. You know more about computers and..things like that.

I’m sure this’ll be a cakewalk.

So he did, uh, something to the computer.

Good to know. I’m sure I won’t have to do that, or anything.

This would usually be a bad idea, but the crane moves us to a useful location.

Good to know this.

? (This is the most awesome password in gaming history. I should have jumped on that SN instead of oapboap.)

Good to know. Dave won’t have to use his smokes to reveal the lasers, though.


They spotted me!


Copper and tin, and six other twins.

But not you!

But you’re our defect! <3


That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?


Look, guys, he DID say please.

It’s time to kick some Metal Gear ass, isn’t it?

Where’s that go!?

Damned straight. Let me find my stinger launcher.

Protip: Cyclone comes in handy here. If you take them out one at a time, the last one has a powerful move that can take out a character.

Repeat 3 times.

She can fix almost anything! :v:

I wonder how much that thing weighs..

It’s a pretty legitimate question, yanno.

Yeah, we hope so, don’t we?

Alright! The more the merrier. Oops. It doesn’t look like Dave can work with a Metal Gear, though..

Haha, what the hell?

This is actually a pretty impressive sequence here. I wish I would have captured more frames and created an awesome gif.

That’s what I’m thinking here. Looks like middle aged stuff.

Who the hell?

What do you mean ‘guests’?

Is there a goddamned echo in here?

Huh? Time doesn’t end. Now, seriously, where are we?

Or, you three could believe him. I’ll be over there, having a smoke.

Thanks, Doc. How’d you discover that one? Hitting your head on the kitchen stove?

I haven’t seen anyone else here. And I haven’t seen people using the gates.

Oh, it’s can’t be THAT bad!

Wait. We got here by cramming four in a gate. Now you’re telling us that we can come back here with three in a gate? What the Christ?

Freaking GENIUSES.

See you around, Rex.

The ‘Y’ button?

Oh. So all gates now lead here. What kind of voodoo do you do?

Is for horses. Oh, I already made that joke.


What the Christ!?

I’ll let you know once I figure it out.

You look something I could step on.

Thanks for the history lesson.

PUNK!? I’ll show you punk! Where’s my C4!?

She has a name, you know!

Haha, Glasses.

So, if they go out of balance, the world will change?

Haha, what? No, really, what’s the real challenge?

You mean that’s it?

I’m really starting to doubt you.

What? You mean he was serious?

Fuck yes.

Let’s rock.

Haha, who’s the God of War now!?

Can do.


Alright. Sure. I’ll call if I’m feeling lonely.

Tactical Espionage Action.

Will do.


Too bad. I’m sure we could have settled our differences by now.

Looks like the same statue that was in the church in 600. Hmmm.

Fuck yes, I need some weapons.

Okay, thanks. Bye!

Uh, that was over 400 years ago. Get a grip.

Antipode, baby! (antipode |ˈantiˌpōd| noun the direct opposite of something else : the pole and its antipode.)

So, it was Magus that brought forth Lavos!?

Yes. Yes we could.

I guess it is a shortcut.

Haha, okay.

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