Final Fantasy V: Page 8

Anyhow, I promised that this was to be the most awesome update ever.

The awesomeness doesn’t come from the content, but from the game itself. What’s that mean? Think about it.

I hope you have a copy of “Clash on the Big Bridge”.

Haha, alright.

So, I like the Dancer sprite.

Lol, what?

This continues like this for a little while.

Gilgamesh is awesome, there’s no doubt to this.

Yeah, he’s a bad ass.

And comic relief. Gilgamesh started that fine tradition. Other members include: Ulturos, Cloud, Zell, Tidus


Fuck fuck fuck.

He’s kinda gone, little girl.

Hahaha, fuck.


How does the map still work?

Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Ah, new magics.


No. Please, no.

(Piano Lesson 6) Not bad.

Hell yeah!

Legendary weapons? Sounds like something I need.

However, we can’t do anything here yet, so let’s press forward.

This doesn’t look suspicious.

What the hell?!

Oh. Alright. (This game introduced Moogles to the series. Which have evolved into little rabbit things. Not to be confused with hot bunny-girls, like Fran.)

Yes, let’s. :downs:

Welp, it’s fucked.

This should be easy. Just some walking skeleton.


Yeah. Safe.

Alright. (It shows us how to get to its home.)

Simple enough.

I don’t think they like us too well.

Naw, he’s getting his deathblow ready.

There’s some good stuff in those chests.

No shit, Butte? You’re starting to slip back to the retarded scale.

Oh. We’ll let this one slide.


Figuring out how to kill us all.

And how exactly..


How convenient.

Haha, stupid Moogle.


Please don’t tell me she suffers from the retard, too; but, instead the ‘little blonde girl’.

OH, the ‘nose’. Of a moogle icon. In the forest. That you couldn’t see before. I get it now.

Well, I guess that’s the truth.

Zoom zoom zoom.


I’m getting the feeling that we’re going to have to fight Exdeath on our own.

Hah, even in times of seriousness, Butte can’t help it. That makes this SO much better.

Neither of them are taking it seriously. This game rocks.

Galuf has the fine tradition of being “The Older Bad-ass”. Other older bad-asses include: Yang, Cyan, Cid Highwind, Auron, Basch.

Way to ruin the moment, Cara.

I think I know a way.

Sweet. Maybe Pink will do something retarded again.

:downs: Seriously. What part of ‘Nobody comes back’ is that hard to understand?

Of course, because we’re the main characters. And nothing bad ever happens to the main characters, right?

Sounds simple enough.

Can do.

Will they survive? Will they get the plant thing and save the dragon thing?

Find out, Next time on “Final Fantasy V: The Party IS retarded”!

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