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There’s only 32 images, but a hell of a lot of text. Text is important. Since I know my way through the game, there’s going to be a lot more text than exploring.

Meryl : Who are you?

I was really impressed with the way you busted yourself out of there.

Meryl : The one from the prison?

You’re the Colonel’s niece, Meryl, right?

Meryl : ….No… it’s not him… Just exactly who are you?

I’m the fool that your uncle sent all alone into the middle of this whole mess.

Meryl : You came by yourself? You think you’re some kind of one-man army? You’re not even armed.

I appreciate your help from before. But… I don’t need lectures. You’re just like your uncle, you know.

Meryl : How do you know my uncle?

We go way back.

Meryl : What’s your name?

My name’s not important.

Meryl : Aha! Could you be Snake? Are you Solid Snake?

That’s what some people called me.
Gab gab gab.

Meryl : The legendary Solid Snake…! You!? Sorry about before. I wasn’t sure if you were one of the good guys.

But I knew you were.

Meryl : How?

It’s your eyes.

Meryl : My eyes?

They’re not soldiers eyes.

Meryl : They’re rookie’s eyes, right?

No, they’re beautiful compassionate eyes.

Meryl : Just what I’d expect from the legendary Solid Snake. You trying to sweep me off my feet?

Don’t worry. You’ll land back on them once you meet me. The reality is no match for the legend, I’m afraid.

Meryl : I don’t believe that.

Why did you look surprised when you saw my face?

Meryl : Because you look just like him.

…You mean the terrorists leader, Liquid Snake?

Meryl : Yeah, you know him? You’re not brothers are you!?

I have no family.

Meryl : So, what’s the deal then?

Who knows. Why don’t you ask him? But first I want some information. You were involved in this exercise from the beginning. What exactly happened here?

Meryl : I’m sorry. I was captured along with President Baker right after the terrorist attack.
There was something important in that block of text. Read it again and see if you can find it.

That’s okay. But what is this place? I don’t think it is just a nuclear wepaons disposal facility…

Meryl : Boy oh boy… it’s just like them! Nobody told you anything, did they? Okay… you see, this place isn’t really for disposing nuclear weapons. This base is owned and operated by a dummy corporation of ArmsTech.

This is a civilian base?

Meryl : Right. For the development of Metal Gear.


Meryl : FOX-HOUND and the Next-Generation Special Forces were called here for the test launching of a dummy nuclear warhead.


Meryl : Because they’re a Special Ops group used to handling top secret missions. They figured they could keep it all hush-hush.

But we must have fired nuclear warheads before. Why just this time?

Meryl : I heard it was because this was to be a final test before the formal adoption of the Metal Gear program… that’s what I heard anyway.

Hmmm… sounds kind of fishy… So what do you think the terrorists want?

Meryl : Sorry, I’m not sure. I was captured with President Baker right after the revolt started.

Oh yeah, that’s when he gave you the detonation override keys, right?

Meryl : That’s right.

Amazing you were able to keep ’em hidden from the guards.
Important stuff here, too. Also, wait for it.

Meryl : Well… women have more hiding places than men. Anyway, you met up with Baker, huh? How’s he holding up?

He’s dead…

Meryl : What!?

Heart attack. Same as the DARPA Chief.

Meryl : The Chief died from a heart attck too?

Yeah, was either of them sick or anything?

Meryl : No, not that I heard of.

Well, I don’t believe in coincidences. Something funny’s going on.

Meryl : Hmmm. Sounds like it. But I have no idea what.

Me neither… yet. Do you know the person who designed Metal Gear?

Meryl : You mean Dr. emmerich?

Yes. Is he still alive?

Meryl : Probably. he should be in the second floor basemant of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building to the north.

Second floor basement?

Meryl : Yeah, that’s where his lab is. I think they’re forcing him to work on the nuclear launching program.
So, Hal’s still alive, for now. That’s good.

So they’ll need him alive until that’s done anyway.

Meryl : Then we’d better do something before he finishes.

You’re right. In case we can’t override the detonation code in time, I need to ask him how to destroy Metal Gear.

Meryl : You plan to take that thing on by yourself, Snake?

It won’t be the first time…

Meryl : ………

What’s the best way to get to the building where the Doctor is being held?

Meryl : There’s a cargo door on the first floor of this building that leads to the north.

What’s the security level of the door there?

Meryl : Five, but it’s okay… I’ve got a level five card.

Well, I’ve got to go save the Doctor. You should go…

Meryl : I’m going with you!

No way! You’re still too green. I want you to hide somewhere.

Meryl : I’m not green.

Oh yes you are.

Meryl : ……….

You pause for just one second in front of your enemy and it’s all over! Good luck doesn’t last forever!
Boy, am I glad you can’t be caught while using the Codec. These two seem to go on forever.

Meryl : I don’t know what happened. I just couldn’t pull the trigger right away. I never had any problems in training… But when I thought about my bullets tearing through those soldiers’ bodies, I hesitated.

Shooting at targets and shooting at living, breathing people are different.

Meryl : Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a soldier. Every day of my life, I’ve trained my mind and my body for the one day when I could finally see some real action, and now

So what now? You wanna quit?

Meryl : I can’t quit. I can’t alow myself to quit now.

Listen, Meryl. Everybody feels sick the first time they kill someone. Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. In a war, all of mankind’s worst emotions, worst traits come out. It’s easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.

Meryl : But this isn’t a war. It’s a terrorist action.

You’re just a little jumpy from the combat high. The adrenaline in your blood is starting to whin out. Just take it easy.

Meryl : But I learned all about combat high at the academy…

We’ll talk about it later. For now, just think about keeping yourself alive.

Meryl : If I get out of here alive, I’ll think about that other stuff.
Again, Snake tells it how it is.

Okay, let me try to say this another way… Stay the hell out of my way.

Meryl : You’re a real bastard, just like my uncle said.

Ha ha, I told you. The real me is no match for the legend.

Meryl : It looks like you were right. Okay Snake, I’ll be a good girl.

We’ll link up after I grab the Doctor. Then we’ll take care of the detonation code override.

Meryl : Got ya. But listen, I know this area better than you. Call me if you have any questions.

Be careful, okay?

Meryl : After I open up the cargo door, I’ll contact you.
I swear, it’s the voice acting that keeps me coming back to this game. I’m still working on a way to record the voices without using Fraps. Any help would be appreciated.

There’s our trick door that Meryl’s going to unlock.

Meryl : Snake, I unlocked the cargo door for you.

Thanks. Where are you?

Meryl : Where-I-can-see-ya.

Don’t move around too much.

Meryl : Don’t worry, I’m disguised in this enemy uniform.
I wish Snake could don a disguise in this game.

You won’t be for long with the way you walk.

Meryl : What does that mean?

Oh… nothing.

Meryl : Listen Snake, the cargo door is like an airlock. It’s equipped with infrared sensors. Be careful. If an intruder is sensed, gas is released.


Meryl : Okay, so we’ll meet at the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
He was really looking, wasn’t he?

Wait! You said you’d stay put and be a good girl!

Meryl : I changed my mind.

Don’t get careless. That is when things always turn sour.

Meryl : Sorry, but this is the only way I can figure out whether or not I’m cut out to be a soldier… I gotta get my hands dirty.

These guys are professionals. You’re gonna get yourself killed.

Meryl : See ya there!
I have seen nothing professional about these guys.

Protip: Stealth camo doesn’t trip infrared sensors. Note: Tank tracks.

??? : Snake, be careful! There are Claymore mines around there. Use a mine detector.

Who are you?

??? : Just call me “Deepthroat”.

Deepthroat? The informant from the Watergate scandal?

Deepthroat : Never mind about that.

You’re not using burst transmission. Are you nearby?
So, wait? I got someone close by that wants to help? Also, he likes to call himself ‘Deepthroat’?

Deepthroat : Listen. There’s a tank in front of your position waiting to ambush you.

Who are you anyway?

Deepthroat : One of your fans.
So, let’s get this straight? This area is littered with mines AND there’s a goddamned tank in front of me waiting to kill me? This just keeps getting better and better.

Note the mines in the radar.

Raven : This is Raven’s territory… Snakes don’t belomg in Alaska, I will not let you pass. Send him a message!
Where’s the ‘fair’ at here?

Raven : Ha ha ha ha ha… That’s right, you belong on the ground. You should crawl on the ground like the Snake you are. Come. Let’s fight!
One dude, as bad ass as he may be, is NO GODDAMN MATCH FOR A TANK! SHIT.

Do you see it?

Except, you don’t beat the tank. What the Christ? You kill the two gunners inside of it, and then it’s battle over.

Raven : Well, Boss. I hope you are happy. He got the card.

Man on Radio : …We’ll play with him a little longer…

Raven : You would be wise not to underestimate him.

Man on Radio : What did you think of him?

Raven : He is just as you said. In battle he is as if possessed by a demon. Much like you. I would expect no less.

Ocelot : You see? I told you so. But I will kill him.

Raven : So, General Ivan, I hear he took your hand as well as your dignity.

Ocelot : Watch your toungue, Shaman!

Raven : In the language of the Sioux people, “Sioux” means snake. It is known as an animal to be feared.

Ocelot : Well, Snake is mine now… When I meet him next, I’ll take special care of him.

Man on Radio : Not yet… Don’t kill him yet…
The plot thickens. Who is the ‘Boss’, and why does his voice sound familiar? And what is Ocelot planning on doing?

Raven : He and I will meet again in battle.

Ocelot : Same prediction as always?

Raven : Yes. The raven on my head… it thirsts for his blood.
And this is where we stop. Certain elements of the story should start becoming clearer now.

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