Final Fantasy V: Page 14

Alright, let’s go on. There’s a Big McLargehuge movie file in this update, optional viewing, of course.

Of course.

Hells yes!

Lol, comedy option.


We’re as good as dead.
By ‘we’, I mean ‘they’.

We can’t go there yet.

I wonder if this is the place?

Must be!

These switches determine where we go.

One combo leads here.

Another one leads to where we want to go to.

How can we see it, then?

Uh, hell yeah?

Now, let’s get our asses back to the fut–

It has an attack called ‘Brain suck’. Amazingly, it didn’t do any damage to any of the party.

Hell yeah! Three more weapons!

On second thought, forget those weapons.

Huh. What’s Square planning here? MORE DEATHS?
(The cool kids hold shift to make caps.)

This is where I’d ask for input, but I figured ‘fuck it’ and went the way everyone would laugh at.


See it yet?

Do we need one more?

Haha, sucks to be Butte. I knew they were planning on offing him.

We’ll just let Pink and the girls get their magic first.

Except, naturally, Pink will get hers, and then have Cara cast exit, leaving Butte fucked. This plan is awesome.

He looks familiar!

Except, he can’t cast it. Because he doesn’t have MP. Oops.

I’ll just take my time here, no hurry.

Oh, this is working so so perfectly!
Bye bye, Butte!


Let’s park this bitch.

We kinda took care of that one.

You were only spinning on that gear. Why Square saved you and didn’t have you die is beyond me.

Did I just read that right?! We need this man in our military R&D. A three-way ship? AWESOME!

*work, work work*

Of course not.

Yeah, mang. This better work, though.

Yes, let’s.

Can do. Now, let’s try this bitch.



The ‘A’ button.

Sub! HELL YES! Three way crafts ROCK.

Huh. Interesting.


Haha, no piano.

Awesome new magics.

Must you torture me, Butte?

(Piano Lesson 8) Wow, he done got good.

There is a point to this.

It’s the pimp black Chocobo.

Butte, not caring, hops onto Boco and rides.

How to ride a chocobo around the world in under 2 minutes.
17.7 MB. Download or stream, I don’t care. I got bandwidth to spare.
Note: The game doesn’t run or look that shitty on my machine. I had to use crappy compression and skip every 4 frames to get it under 20 megs.

HELL YES!!!!!!
This item casts ‘image’ on whoever wears it, making them almost impossible to hit with physical attacks.

I’ll get the weapons on the next runthrough.

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