Super Metroid: Page 2

Fuck you, block; I gots BOMBS now!!


So, here we are again, surrounded by baddies. I could go through the door, but..

Confucius say: The road less traveled give greater reward.

I seem to be stuck. Welp, that’s it game ov–I HAVE BOMBS!!! =]

Protip: When in doubt, blow shit up!

Going down.

FUCK YES!!!!!!! Kickin’ rad!

These guys are a bit stronger than the ones I met earlier, but I also have some missi–oop, my finger slipped. You’re dead? Bummer.

Great. When I went down, the bush was thorny. =[

“Come back later.”

Those are grapple beam points. So, to get across, I need the grapple beam.

Or, I could do some ninja moves and wall jump over. Whichever works.

Again, the less traveled path give great reward.

Oh, fuck this. I’m too good to be fighting plants. Seriously.


Up and down, that’s how it’s done.

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!1111111~~ These bastards are as powerful as FIVE missiles put together.

I’m not supposed to be up here. Ninja skillz win again. It leads to a missile upgrade.

Even with 31337 ninja skillz, I cannot wall jump to the top. We go down.

There’s something funny above me. Using my skills I jump up and collect the prize. The Spazer splits my ordinary shot into THREE.

This will be important later.

I can’t wall jump, the cliff is too high.

Logic tells us, the deeper we go, the more shit we find.

This room burns Sammy in her suit. Fuck that.

The wall’s too high to jump from the floo–oh, wait. Never mind. I can jump higher now.

This is totally great. Not freaky at all.

What do we do next, people? Go in the freaky mouth? Or do we go and abuse our new powers?

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