Chapter 3, Part 1.

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“Alright, everyone, let’s hope this works.” Edward was on my right, Rydia was trying to look over the foot of Rosa’s bed. Placing the SandRuby on Rosa’s forehead, I mouthed a prayer, crossing my chest. Something better have heard me. The entire room began to glow. Something was happening. I watched Rydia’s eyes grow large. Stirring. Murmuring. Was Rosa alright? “Mmn…” Rosa’s voice. Eyes began to flutter open. “Ce..” I knelt by the bed, grasping her hand; I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. “Rose.” She spoke again, her voice returing to normal. “There were stories. Kain.. He said that you were lost at the earthquake of Mist.” Kain, what’s he up to…? “But, I refused to believe him, Cecil. I went looking for you, hoping that you were there.” “Rose, I’m here now, I’m so sorry I worried you..” Edward spoke up. “”I don’t want to interrupt you two, but she might know, Cecil.” Looking to the bard, I nodded. “Rose, before you left, was there any talk of a man named Golbez?” She nodded. “Right after Kain returned, and informed the king of you being lost, Golbez was invited to the Red Wings. His Majesty hasn’t been the same since. Cecil, you were right about him. The King has lost all will. He’s just a puppet, with Golbez being the puppet master, collecting the crystals. As you know, the water crystal of Mysida was taken.” I winced. That one was my doing. The entire spurring point for me. “He’s after the other crystals, Cecil. The crystal of fire in Damcyan, the crystal of air in Fabul and the the crystal of earth in Toroia.” Edward spoke again. “Miss Rosa, the crystal of Fire has already been taken. Forcefully.” Rosa looked to Edward than to myself. “He is Edward, the prince of Damcyan. The little girl, Rydia, is an orphan of the village of Mist.” Rydia had finally got herself situated on the foot of Rosa’s bed. “You ok? Cecil’s been really worried ’bout you.” Rosa smiled. “Yes, I am, thank you.” Then quickly turned her expression serious again. “If Damcyan has been attacked, then Fabul must be next. We must hurry!” Rosa stirred and coughed. “Rosa, you must get some rest. We will go on to Fabul and defend their crystal!” Edward nodded. “Yes. But first we must overcome Mt. Hobs. The trail to the mountain is covered by a thick sheet of impassable ice.” Rosa looked to Rydia. “You can use the spell of fire, can you not, Rydia?” Rydia scooted back quickly. “N-n-no. I can’t.” Rosa had a puzzled look on her face. “Surely you can. For a caller, a simple fire spell is nothing.” She coughed again, this time harder. “Rose! You need your rest!” I pleaded. “I’m alright! Besides, I’m a White Wizard. I’ll be of no bother.” Edward spoke. “Cecil, can’t you tell that Rosa wants nothing more than to be with you.” I nodded. “Alright, but it’s too late tonight. Let us rest first, and head out in the morning.”

They were asleep. I knew it. I couldn’t sleep. The day had had too much weight placed upon it. Quietly exiting the house, I sighed. Anna. Why did it have to end that way? Sitting by the oasis, I plucked on the string of my harp. “I miss you, Anna.” Turing I spotted a Water Hag approaching me. “NO!” A challenge. I couldn’t do this right now. I knew I was going to die here, at my lowest. Looking to the sky, I saw something, something that overjoyed me. “Edward..” Anna spoke. “Edward, you must fight! And you must believe in yourself and be strong!” Anna disappeared, and the Water Hag was quickly vanquished. Regaining my senses, I once again saw Anna; standing on the water. “Edward, I must go now. Shh.” She had silenced my pleas. “You must go with Cecil, and make sure that Golbez does not get his hands on all the crystals. You loved me, and protected me. Now you must do the same for the people of the world.” She started disappearing. “Anna! I will! But, what am I supposed to do!” Nothing. She was gone.

It was a quick trip to Mt. Hobs, thanks to Edward’s personal hovercraft. “Here we are. And there’s the ice, just like Edward had mentioned. Seems as though we’ve hit an obstacle.” Rosa stepped to the ice wall, then turned to Rydia. “Rydia, you need to cast the spell of Fire for us to get through.” Rydia was silent. “Rydia, I know you can do it. It should be nothing more than a simple trick for a Caller.” Rydia shook her head. “..No. I won’t! I can’t! No no no!” Rosa looked to her puzzled. “I hate fire!” Oh boy. “Rose, she’s afraid of it because her entire village was destroyed by fire.” Rosa nodded to me, and sat by Rydia. “Rydia. You’re the only one here who can melt that ice for us.” Rydia was silent. “If we don’t through here and to Fabul, even more people will be in danger. If you overcome your fear, you’ll help not just us, Rydia, you’ll help out everyone.” She’s going to be a good mother someday.. Rydia silently nodded while Rosa stood. “Now, go Rydia.” I watched as Rydia closed her eyes, chanting something, a small light was emitting from her hands. Sticking both her hands out, I knew what was going to happen. Her small voice broke the silence among us. “…Fire!” The ice was instantly melted. Rosa patted her head. “Thank you, Rydia.” Rydia.. I thought. If you can overcome your fears at such a young age, then I can overcome mine!

“Konicchiwa. I am Yang, the Karate Master of Fabul.” He bowed. “We were in training when all of the monsters attacked us.” I nodded. “We’re on our way to Fabul as we speak.” “Golbez must be on his way there right now to get the Crystal.” Rosa added. “That must mean that they’re after out Air crystal, then!” Edward nodded. “You’re probably right. The Red Wings have already taken the crystal of Damcyan. They’re more than likely headed to your kingdom.” Yang lowered his head. “We are helpless, then. I’m the only survivor of Fabul’s main forces. The people in the castle have just begun their training.” Rosa spoke. “Golbez must have sent these monsters for a reason.” Yang lit up. “To keep us busy! While Fabul’s main defenses are vulnerable!” “We must go, then,” I added, “They’ll be attacking Fabul any minute now!” Yang looked me over. “You’re a Dark Knight! One of them!” “It’s not just your problem, Yang! It’s the entire worlds!” Edward spoke. “I’m the Prince of Damcyan.” I would speak fo Rosa, myself and Rydia. “Rosa and myself are from Baron. The little girl, Rydia, is from the former village of Mist. I was fooled by Baron to defeat her mother’s dragon, ending her life, and burning her village down.” Rydia was silent. Yang looked us over. “You must have your own reasons for this. Would you help me defend Fabul, then?” I nodded. “Of course.” Yang grinned and shooke my hand. “Fabul is just west of this mountain! Come, let us go!”

There was Fabul. We were ahead of Golbez and the Red Wings. We might just make it. We silently looked at each other, and headed towards the castle..

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