Final Fantasy V: Page 12

Oh. Fuck. That’s right.


Is this getting lame?

Getting there..

That’s good. I’d have to have to retrain ANOTHER character.
Who’s gonna die next, Square?

Does this mean that she’s now a member of the party?

I don’t know. I feel kind of uneasy traveling with a little girl.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Little sidequestin’ time.

Way to rub it in, dick.

Can do.

Huh, I wonder if this has anything to do with the book in the Ancient Library on the other world?

There’s a point to this.

Let’s follow!

My kind of magic.

This teaches you how to combine job abilities. More correctly, it gives you a hint.

Huh, I wonder..

New summon!

Let’s finish this bitch.

Don’t worry about it.

Fuck it, guys. Let’s go.

Huh? How can she see this?

Don’t say that! Square’s killed enough people already.

Fuck fuck fuck.

It sure looks like it.

I’m glad you do, because I don’t.

Oh, God damnit.

I don’t care if it was a furry. Who’s next!? Cid? Mid!?

Butte knows what happened.

This isn’t foreboding, or anything.

Square laughs at you, because you probably haven’t trained the worthless Geomancer yet.

I want the shiny!

Goody! Another test!

I thought Carbuncle was supposed to be small and cute.

Hell yeah.


Too bad you won’t have it for long.

(Clash on the Big Bridge) I lied. Three times. Savor it.

Too many good people have died for you to get your way, bio-tch.

Haha, we’ll see about that.


What the hell? We killed the FUCKING TREE! We should have won!

What in the hell? This isn’t a happy ending. In fact, if I were to gauge this situation, I’d say we’re completely fucked.

What happened? Did we die? Is this the afterlife?

Find out…next time!

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  1. These articles makes me laugh… ^^

    Since i know this game, i’m pleased to see you discover it.

    And the yougs never dies, only the fucking olds… in Square mind. :o

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