I got laid (off)!

Hey! I sorta forgot that this fucking thing existed! Let’s give you the low-down on what happened during the last…three years. Has it been that long? I suck cock at updating this site.

So, we’ll do this in a list thing that EVERYONE LOVES!

I got laid off from Hell.
I got rehired to Hell.
I ended up splitting leadership of Hell’s Kitchen.
I left the EXACT SAME DAY as the other leader.
I found a better job, and I love it.

So, with that, let’s go forward to the past to relive something, shall we? Let’s go right down the line, so that means that I have a solid FIVE NEW PAGES for you people. I know, I know. You can fellate me now. Alright, hop in your DeLorean, hit 88 miles per hour and get ready for some serious shit.

So, if you remember reading the page and viewing the killer video about me and my BFFs trip to Cali and then watching my Link’s Awakening LP, you might have noticed I said the words “Unemployment Special”. I wasn’t joking. Right after I got home from Cali, okay, maybe a few weeks after that, for some reason, I got laid off. Not fired, and I didn’t quit. Since I put in so much time there, they didn’t want to fire me. I wouldn’t know why. I think if you can find it, you should give my anon-o-blog a read (Challenge, find it.) and of course, the prior six articles. It was obvious I was seething, and raised a scene.


I just sorta said “Okay, whatever. I’ll ride it out, I guess we’ll lie and say I put in my notice.”. THEY WERE FINE WITH THIS. :doh: :fh:

Continuing. They had hired a replacement for me, who was a cook for years or something, apparently. But, thanks to the wonder of social networking, I learned that the dude had gotten fired less than a month after I had “put in my two weeks”. I laughed, and enjoyed it. This was a time when I could do that. I was going back to college on what I had saved–since there was no banshee sucking all my moneys from me this was easy–and looked for jobs in the field I was going to get that paper for. Job fairs came and went, though, and all the smarts I had (seriously, a 4.0 in my major) werent noticed. All I kept getting were offers to sell Life Insurance in some pyramid scheme.


I ignored this, and the end of the year was quickly approaching. Still no job, and I was deep in providing the best lp for you people. But, funds were starting to run low. Something magical happened during this time. I had mellowed the fuck out a lot. During this time, the kitchen leader was seaching for another job. He eventually found it, and then put in his notice. The one in charge didn’t like that, and shit happened. Well, they were left without a manager back there, along with several other things.



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