Parasite Eve: Page 7

Welcome to the second half of Day 3. The action oriented graphic half.

I’m already saying too much. I won’t say anything else. Experience the game like I did. Except I’ll tell you the part that made me put the game away for 9 years.
HINT: Not this update.

Day 3: Selection, part 2.

Good ideal, girly girl.

What? What could he want?

Oh. Yeah yeah yeah. Just what I need.

This happens when your inventory is full.

Squall’s a NYPD Cop!?!!


Wayne: Why…? Why didn’t ya shoot, man!?

Torres: Haven’t used a gun since…

Wayne: Since your daughter was shot? Torres, you can’t blame guns for that!

Torres: I…suppose… You’re… right. Wayne… You take good care of this place, now…

Aya: Torres!

Wayne: Noooo!!

Aya: This gun… It’s…

Wayne: It’s Torres’ gun… Hasn’t used it in ages, but he always kept it in shape. Torres wasn’t just good at gun tune ups… He was a real good shot, too. But ever since the day his daughter was killed by a gun accidentally going off… He stopped shooting altogether, and he came to this department to keep guns in check..

Wayne: Aya! I know you can handle this gun! Take this… And nail that monster for Torres!
Awww damn. They kick up the difficulty in the Popo shop, by the way. Hence all the new weapons and medicines.

OH NO! What happened here!?!

Awwwwww, FUCK.

U can’t touch this. Da na na na, na na, na na.

Long story short. Squall-cop dies.

Warner: Aya… Man, Eve really caught us off guard… Most of our men were out…

Aya: I’m getting help! Hang on!

Warner: No worries… I’ll be all right. You go after Ben…!
That bitch. Now, it’s personal.

Perfecting Squall. I’m sorry. This is a serious moment in the game. And I’m trying to make it light-hearted. The music makes the section. I wonder if iTunes has the soundtrack.

What’s wrong with the dog?

Ben isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box, is he?

Let’s GO!

Either die faster or shut up. Seriously. You need to hear the music in this section. It helps it so, so much.

Will Ben follow?

It’s like watching a cartoon in action.

I really don’t think the dog is, Ben. It’s been acting really weird.

HURRY, Baker! There’s a bad feeling in the air (since the music changed).

Oh. Oh god. HURRY BAKER!

That..that’s just not right. Seriously. Rat times 10.



That’s pretty, uh, sick? Nasty? Other assorted bad adjectives?

ofuk, we’re making this tense! AYA, WHERE ARE YOU!?!

Can we, you know, hurry up girly girl?

What will Aya do with pictures of herself and a dirty rag?

We kill it in two shots.

Not here.

Freaky camera angles, GO!

They’re both still alive!?! Awesome! Let’s do this.

Why does it have to be a mutated freak-dog?

There are three targets! And a bunch of pictures I missed because I was too wrapped up in the battle. My bad.

What happened to Baker?

Ben: Uncle Baker was protecting me!

Danny boy: Captain… Thank you…

Baker: Remember when… Ben was younger? We used to all play at your place…

Danny boy: Sir…

Baker: Cut that out… “Baker” is fine… Like the old times.
Ben’s kind of young as is?

Such discussion.

Oh yes. Yes we will.

Next update: Day 4 is probably another wall of text. God I hate lots of text. Please stop, game.

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