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The following update is roughly 45 minutes of gameplay. Including exploring and ‘random’ battles. There’s 186 screen shots, for 45 minutes. For one update. Multiply that by around 20, and you’ll get the number of shots that’s going to be in the Let’s Play.. thread. And I’m doing it all for you people. Everyone needs to see Chrono Trigger in action. Too bad you can’t HEAR it. It’s got an awesome soundtrack.

I’d go crazy if I had to manually name all the screen shots myself. Thankfully there’s Automator to help me out!

If you remember last time, Dave, Bulma and Mana had returned to their own time, and it was time to escort Mana home. Let’s join tonight’s episode already in progress.

Metal Gear?

My name is Dave/And I can’t rhyme./Kick my ass/And it’s Stinger time.

Haha, stupid robot.

So, I assume this is where a princess would live.

They obviously didn’t do a very good job, now did they?

Their leader is the man who shares your code name..! “Liquid Snake?”


Good idea. (Count, 2.)

Haha, whipped!

To Ocelot’s tor–jail.

Did I mention that I love the art in this game? I bet the dude in the stained glass is the Chancellor from 600.

Guess which one is out to rig the trial? (I used to pause the game at this point and let the music play.)

Abduct!? Can’t people go 400 years in the past to secure their birthrights nowadays?

If I was casted to be a voice actor for the CT 20th Anniversary special, I’d either play the Chancellor or Johnny. I can deliver this series of lines perfectly.

What else would you tell in court?

Calm down. We need to get those passkeys.

What does this have to do with anything in this case!?


Yeah, huh punk?

Except the C4 incident in the past.

It pays to be nice to random people.

WHAT!? You’re telling me you’re doing this on the fly? Why the hell isn’t Phoenix Wright here!

Who needs money when you get the satisfaction of rubbing it in your face over and over.

Thank you, God.

So, are we going to be done here soon? I have an 18 hour deadline before they launch!

This will be completely fair, right? No crowd reactions?

Hurr, I’ll have a..oh.

6-1. I was PISSED when they last guy said guilty.

What the Christ?

Why do I have a bad feeling about this, Dave asks himself.

Oh, good! Maybe you can stop this.

Hide the guns!


You might be, but I’m sure she’ll do something to stop this.

Neergh! Damnit!

Justice. (After the scene, it pans to this. I always like to say “Justice.”, so I said “Justice.”)

Wait? What!? I’m INNOCENT!

You look like the other 9000 guards around here, so shut up.

The WHAT!?

That’s because there is none.

Goddamn yesmen.

Oh, armored variants.

“There is no Geneva Convention. You’re no POW.”

One freaking ether.

Now, how are you going to do that. I’m way in here.

What dumbasses.

Not even knocked out? What kind of lame prison is this?

Tactical Espionage Action. Why didn’t they disarm a guy with a sword?

Poor guy. Or girl.

“Put your controller on the floor. Set it down as flat as you can…”


Try to sneak up on the guards, Snake!


After boxing him around some, he takes off. I love that line.

What a security system.

If you’re seen by a guard, you go into Alert status. Try to find a place to hide. Okay, Snake?

Yes, this was on purpose.

There’s someone else alive here?

Can do. So long as I get phat discounts, though.

This isn’t probably a good room.

Everyone needs a little beauty sleep.


If you go this way, you get a better sword.

We’re almost out.

Face it, you’re facing the world’s best soldier.

Well, I guess I won’t be bored for the next 18 hours.

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Okay. Let me just equip my C4..!

Oh, so the only two types of Magical powers it’s powerful against are Lighting and Fire? So I need to find a way to use water on it.

I’m sure it was nothing, Bulma.

I love the surprised animations, too.

Die, Rebel scum!

Anime attack!

DAMNIT! (Protip: DON’T take out the wheels.)

See you in Hell, Chancellor. That takes care of the burial.


But we already have.

Now she’s speaking Dave’s language. But where’d she get the SOCOM!?

These guards are Masters of the Obvious.

A familiar voice.

I thought you said you’d stay put and be a good girl!

That’s a little bit more like it!

Don’t you talk back to her.

They need to be screamed at.



‘Blah blah blah, act like a princess.” Nice line.



It’s not too late to join the winning party.

So, how many people do these guards take orders from? And can one out weight the other?

Where’s my cardboard box!?!


What a good place for one!

A lesser author would take the time to make a fart joke. So I just told you about it.

They found our awesome hiding spot!?

Yeah, and?

But, slow and stead wins the race.


No way!

Warning: Gate travel may induce pain.

A small building?

The gates can link worlds now, too!?

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