Final Fantasy V: Page 15

This is turing out a lot longer than I had expected. It’s now longer than MGS, and MGS is a complete mind-fuck. It’s looking like it might be a little shorter, or as long as Chrono Trigger’s was.

And here we thought it was going to be a quick run. Hah.

Actually, no.

You know what that means?
Three wishes! We’ll save this for later.

If you watched the quicktime movie, you probably saw this cave in my travel. Did it make you wonder what’s inside?
Even not, we’re going in.

The Pirates are over there, Faris.

That’s it, she’s gone crazy. Too much time being a ninja.

What? Not the little blonde girl, too!

Ooooooh-kay. Fucking wack-os.

New summon! Maybe those two WEREN’T on crack.

Huh. How the hell do you pronounce that?

pres butan

Remember the tower that sunk in my second or third (or fourth) update? And how I mentioned there was a crystal in it?
Let’s go get it!

I guess he’s right. But, who is he talking to underwater..?

Bad feeling about this.

(I’m predicting about half of you recognize the name, and know who this is and are grinning.)
(The other half is like ‘huh’.)

Gogo is, aside from the summons, the only reoccurring character in Final Fantasy. (Ignoring the Fan Service in FF XII)
He was a Mimic in FF6, and an optional character. That means he started here. I love this game. It has so many firsts.
And lasts.

No shit, Captain Obvious?

Okay, he’s giving you a huge clue here. There are, however two ways to beat Gogo.
Think of them before scrolling down. They’re both screamingly obvious.


And the correct way.

The correct way is to: Leave the game running, go make a sandwich and come back.
Look, you did nothing, so he did nothing! You mimicked!

Check six.

Ooooh kay. Let’s go get some weapons now.

That sounds good.

Hells yeah!

Lol, comedy option.

Artificially increase play-time by doing stupid side shit!

Seriously complex puzzles here. Someone tell me why this game was ‘too difficult’ for the American audience.

The son of a BITCH! I sprung his ass from the jail a long time ago, and this is how he thanks me!?
GO DIE IN A FIRE! (I don’t mean that, Square. Don’t kill him.)

Where the hell?

A minute is all you need.

I just said yes, retard.


You’re ours now, Odin.

Would you look at that. Every job mastered. One hundred abilities.

Yes, to our airship, one hundred feet away.

I’m trying really hard to not make a vagina joke here.

REALLY hard.

This is familiar.

Let’s see where this one takes us.

Pressing that butan makes the bridge go away, while Square laughs at you (again) for not putting any points into the Geomancer job.

Square enjoys laughing at you.

What the hell?

Fan. Service.
These guys were in Final Fantasy IV.

A rechargeable Magic Lamp? SWEET!

Haha, what?

This is basically showing you were Mirage is, in case you haven’t been there.

Let’s get this and get the hell out of Square’s Laugh Pit.







Three more elite weapons are OURS!


The last one.

More sharps!

Who knows. Butte may be an axe murderer.

Lol, comedy option.

More later.

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