Oapboap here! It’s now FOUR YEARS LATER, and I have an update for you. Let’s list them!

  • Sexy new Favicon. Aya, you were great–and still live on my server–but now it’s time for Marin. GameBoy Color Marin, in fact. My site’s icon for those of you using phones and have saved it as a bookmark on the springboard/Android equivalent will have the cute ‘waiting’ Marin sprite.
  • The real meat of this update:
  • I went through every single one of my posts and ‘fixed’ them. That’s nearly 400 of them, and properly tagged and categorized them. Mainly because I hate myself. But, now, everything is proper. You can click a category and find relevant information for it! Neat!
  • Speaking of ‘fixing’ posts. I turned off comments. Thanks to the like..six of you that commented. But, since I can’t properly update this site in a timely matter, I don’t deserve engagement. Maybe once I become serious about being a ‘webmaster’ (and, yes, I am coding some pages in pure HTML. Just not on this site.), I might open them back up.
  • I cleaned up the navigation footer on each page that has ‘children’. It’s now in one horizontal line, instead of three. Bitchin’! :krad:
  • Let’s just call this a Web 1.5 site. It’s not 2.0 enough to be a Web 2.0 site, but it’s WAY MORE ADVANCED than a Web 1.0 site.
  • Sometime in the last, uh, four years I bought a HD capture device. I was planning on doing an Assassin’s Creed series LP. Which I still might do. Of course, there’s still that Dark Souls LP I wanted to do. And also that Four Swords Adventures LP I wanted to finish. I already have four Zelda LPs here, so I think the FSA LP can take a seat in the back. I’ll do these after I get my computer fixed. Assuming the world gets back to normal “soon”.

I think that’s everything for now.