Parasite Eve: Page 8

I seem to have come into possession of the Parasite Eve soundtrack. Perhaps I’ll do with them like what I did with Final Fantasy V. Perhaps.

Anyhow, let’s get the update going. We got some ground to cover. And we’re maybe 4 updates away from -the- update. The part of the game that made me put it down. I hope I’m ready. I hope you’re ready.

But, for now, let’s just roll with Day 4.

Day 4: Conception

Let’s roll!

Aya: C’mon, Daniel. You’re in charge now.

Danny boy: Yeah, well… I’m not used to this sorta thing…

Warner: You’re doin’ great, boss!

Danny boy: But why did Eve decide to attack the precinct…?

Aya: To get rid of us…?

Cop: Maybe that Japanese guy knows something about it.

Danny boy: You’re right. Where’d he go, anyway.
We’re so so screwed with RAGE in charge.

Forget the Japanese guy for a little bit.

Sweet. Action. LET’S RUIN SOME GUNZ!

What a shocker. I just happened to find one of those.

Oh yes. Eve’s going down hard. And for a lot of people.

Maeda: How did you guess? This kind of place lets me think more clearly.

Danny boy: Hey Maeda, why did Eve attack the precinct?

Aya: What I want to know is why Eve didn’t show herself this time… I felt her presence here, but as soon as we arrived, she was gone.

Maeda: It could be a distraction.

Danny boy: Distraction? What for!?

Maeda: Is there a sperm bank or a hospital that conducts artificial insemination nearby?

Danny boy: A sperm bank!?

Maeda: Well, I don’t think Eve’s body will last much longer. Right now, the mitochondria are just parasites in her body…

Danny boy: So she’s trying to create this Ultimate Being, like she did in Japan?

Maeda: I’m afraid so…

Danny boy: So if we can stop her from getting there, she’ll die eventually! I think a doctor at St. Francis Hospital specialized in artificial insemination…

Aya: Let’s go, Maeda!

Danny boy: Hey, what about me?

Aya: You’re captain for now, remember? You gotta look after the precinct!

Danny boy: Oh, alright… Here, take this, then.
I take it back, baby. Please, please remake this game. Shiny graphics, and no voice acting. Please, baby?

Maeda: Uh… oh, uh… Er, I wonder why Daniel didn’t come with us.

Aya: He said he’s gonna get the dirt on Klamp. He also wants to be with Ben.

Maeda: Oh, yes, of course!

Aya: Maeda…

Maeda: Y, yes?!

Aya: That creature that was born in Japan… What happened to it?

Maeda: It died. Along with the scientist that was its father…

Aya: How did… a monster like that die?…

Maeda: There was a rebellion. The mitochondria passed from the father didn’t connect with the ones passed from Eve. It began to deteriorate and the father held onto the dissolving flesh and they died.

Aya: Even though it’s a monster… I guess it’s still your child…
The ellipses. Make them stop.

Let’s do this thing!

Is this THE hospital?


I don’t want a bell. I want a gun.

Why’s this locked? What’s so important.

That’s not how reflections work, girly girl. Now, please don’t be dumb and be a good heroine.

Cell-shading would be awesome, too. It could be like Killer7.

That bitch!

Yes. We know these things. Can I have control of the game now?

But, I bet there’s sharps in there. And we could throw a sharp at Eve and.. Yeah.

Artificially increase play-time by including stupid running quests.

Oh god. I sense a stupid fetch quest coming on.

I’m sure we have no use for a sterile grenade launcher.

These things can poison Aya with the red thing in their center.

I think Aya’s finally gone bat-shit-insane, too.


The bug thing is really vulnerable to the Sterile grenade launcher.

Now, why couldn’t you have done that with all the OTHER keys I’ve been finding? AYA!!

Let’s finish out this stupid fetch quest.

Little ghost girl!

Oh my. Aya has no family, it seems.

“Administer multiple shots at the same time. Great for rowdy kids.”

The monsters out here are just completely fucked up.

Tic tac toe, three in a row.

Insert fuses.

Fix wire.


What awaits us now?

Next update: I really hate the boss of this day. I mean, really.

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