Chapter 2, Part 3.

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I contains not one, but two videos; and a scene that became a meme. Oh yes, THAT one.
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Finally. We were clear of the cave, and of the eight-armed beast. We were exhausted, but Damcyan castle was very close. We could rest there and get supplies for the journey into the Antlion’s den. Hold on, Rosa. I’ll be right there; we’re so close. Stepping between the break between mountains, I could hear something that I thought I’d never hear again. “This isn’t good.” I muttered. Tellah obviously must have heard me. “What isn’t? We’re so close, Dark Knight!” And now it was Rydia’s turn. “What? What’s that noise?” I pointed to the sky, there was nothing there, but that would soon change. “Listen and watch carefully.” I knew what was coming, the worst thing that could be coming right now. From over the mountains a gigantic, red airship announced its presence. Propellors going, headed straight for Damcyan. “That, Tellah, is what’s not so good! It’s the flagship of Baron’s Red Wings, the Enterprise! It can mean only one thing…” I paused, was the King going to actually do it. Did he know of the city’s crystal? “They’re after the crystal of Damcyan, and they WILL take it by force!” Tellah looked at me, I could tell he was rolling his eyes behind his thick glasses. “That’s absurd, Dark Knight. Baron would never do such a thing.” “Yes!” I shouted. “They would! They set the entire village of Mist on fire, just to get rid of the summoners!” In the short time we were arguing, two more airships announced their presence. “GET DOWN!” The ships started launching volleys of explosives. Wave after wave of bombs went off. Dust and debris flew everywhere; the entire world turned into a loud, sandy place, and all I could do was shield my companions.

Propellors were no more. All has settled. The world was calm, like none of this had happened. I’ll give the Red Wings this, they were effective. It had almost been three days since I decided to stop being a dark pawn of the king. Three days. Within three days there was a new captain of the Red Wings. Three Days. Violence had resumed. Three days. Killing of helpless people. Three days. The crystals still shine. Three days. The world would soon be Baron’s. Three days. “Ceeeeecccccciiiillllll!” Rydia’s voice. A light in the dark reality. When I saved her, a light started glimmering within. I stood. “I’m alright, Rydia. I was just thinking about something.” The ruins of Damcyan. “That was tragic.” I could hear Tellah. “I believe you now, Cecil.” He had not called me ‘Dark Knight’. It felt nice. “We much check for survivors. Those who did not stand between them and the crystal should have been spared.” They agreed. Several were dead. Several were waiting to die. “The crystal”, one heaved, “they were after the crystal. Please go check on the Pri…” Silence. Another life had left the world. this was too much. We continued climbing, until we reached to top floor.

“Anna!” Tellah shouted. the beautiful woman laying there was his daughter? The one he was hell-bound to get revenge for? Tellah ran to her side. I would not overhear. Moments later, another man showed himself from the hallway on the right. Tellah noticed him all too quickly. “You!” He shouted. “You’re the one who did this to her!” The man couldn’t react. Tellah was quickly advancing on the man, while he was running out of room.

Anna spoke, bringing the two men out of their squabble. “Father, this is Edward, the prince of Damcyan. He hid himself as a bard so he could come and visit me in Kapio.” She was smiling, she must have known her time time is not long. “Please forgive me, fa..daddy, but I love Edward. We were going to ask you to consent to our marriage, but as we were leaving…” The man finally spoke. “They attacked us. The man who stole the crystal and took so many lives today announced himself as Golbez, captain of the Red Wings.” “Golbez, who is that?” The man looked me over. “You wear the same dark armor as him, yet you do not know of him?” I shook my head, this was the first time I ever heard the name. “He took the crystal, and then had his men fir arrows upon us. Anna shielded me from them.” Tellah was near breaking, I could hear it in his voice. “You cared about him tat much..loved him that much?” All she did was smile, eyes closing. Was she happy? I couldn’t even hear Tellah and Edward at that point. All this in a span of three days.

“I’m telling you, Tellah, I don’t know who he is!” “Dark Knight, you lie!” “Tellah, I’ve renounced the dark line!” Rydia was hiding behind me as usual. “Listen to Cecil, mister!” That was right, I had forgotten about her. “She would not be here right now, if I hadn’t!” Edward finally spoke up. “Gentlemen, please calm down. All I know is he’s gathering the crystals using the Red Wings.” That’s what I was doing. But I could finally see the effects of what I had caused. Through my thoughts I could hear Edward’s muffled sobs. Tellah spoke. “Grow up! Tears won’t bring her back. There’s only one thing that must be done. I’m going to go get revenge for my daughter!” He started storming off. I tried to reason with him. “You can’t go alone, it will be suicide!” “Shut up!” He pushed me aside. “This is my own problem, I don’t need your help. If I am to die, so be it!” Tellah left. I could still hear Edward’s sobs. I turned, and watched Rydia approach him. “Crybaby! You’re a grown up, you’re a man!” I wanted to tell her to go easy on him, but perhaps it was best for both of them. “You might be right, little girl. But I’m just a coward. I’m going to stay here with Anna.” I couldn’t put up with his pity and self-loathing any longer. I spun him around and delivered a quick five-across-the-eyes. “You think you’re the only one who’s sad? She lost her mother! Tellah lost his daughter! Do you think Anna would want to see you wallowing in self-pity!? We need your help! You can help us prevent more loss of life!” It took him a little bit to put it together, I was worried I may have hit him too hard. “My help? Why would you need my help?” “I’m Cecil, I’m a renounced dark knight. She’s Rydia, the last of the callers. We’re in search of the SandRuby to help my sick friend. And I believe you can help us find it!” He hesitated again. “Whoever you’re helping seems to be important to you. I can see the weight of the world on your shoulders. Let me help you with the burden. The SandRuby is formed when the Antlion lays its eggs in the cave to the east.” Another cave. This is not what I needed right now. “We can take my hovercraft across the shallows. We’ll get the Sand Ruby.”

We took off. The cave wasn’t very far from Damcyan. Rosa was the only thing on my mind as we decended into the depths of the earth. We finally stopped. “This is the lair of the Antlion, here is where we can find the Sand Ruby.” Two gigantic pincers showed themselves, my hand instinctively headed to my blade. “Don’t worry, the Antlion is tame. Allow me to grab the Sand Ruby.” As Edward reached for the prize, the pincers clapped shut. Edward jumped back, narrowly avoiding the grip. “It was a nice try, Edward; but now we need to do this the old fashioned way. Are you ready, Rydia?”

Finally it was mine. Edward finally spoke. “How did that happen!? Why did it attack us? It was supposed to be tame!” “We’ve seen tame creatures getting more and more aggressive over the last few days. There must be something behind it. They’re getting restless.” Rydia finally spoke up. “Cecil! Cecil, let’s go and make Rosa better!”

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