Chapter 4

This is probably going to be the largest update to date. It’s also one self-contained chapter of the story, because I feel as though the events in it are important enough to go through the entire section in one go.

I made my way through the Mysidan village. The amount of hatred I could feel was overwhelming. Every black and white mage stopped whatever they were doing, and would just watch me pass by. They didn’t say anything, or do anything. They just watched. That made me feel more uneasy than if they were to do something. I stopped in front of the very same place I had stole the crystal from. This isn’t going to be pretty. I entered the building. The elder was there. He sneered at me. “What do you want to take from us this time, dark knight?!” “My name is Cecil, the ex commander of the Red Wings, those who stole the crystal. At the time I couldn’t disobey the orders of the king..” The elder cut me off. “Your excuses will not bring back those who have been lost. But, I can sense that something has awakened within you. I can at least listen to your words.” I nodded. “I’m after the man called Golbez, he’s the actual mastermind behind of Baron’s attacks. He wants the king to get the world’s crystals, but the reason is still unknown. He’s captured,” I paused, “A girl. Myself and a group of people were sailing to Baron, when Leviathan attacked us, and..” He cut me off once again. “So, you lost your friends. That is most unfortunate. Your dependancy upon the dark sword is your weakness, and if you continue to depend on it, you shall never defeat Golbez. And there’s still a chance that evil would once again consume you. To defeat Golbez, you must seek a higher power, on Mt. Ordeals, far to the east of this village.” “But, I have to hurry, people’s lives are in danger!” “I understand, but do not hurry. Many have tried to climb Mt. Ordeals. None have returned. You must make it to the top of the cursed mountain and renounce the dark blade, and the darkness within yourself. Only then may you claim the holy sword and the light and become a Paladin, a sacred knight. However, it’s dangerous for you to go alone. I shall send wizards to help you.”

“Now, where are they? Palom! Porom!” A young girl, not much older than Rydia suddenly appeared on my right. “You called for us, elder?” The elder nodded to the girl. “But where is your brother, Polom?” To my left, a young boy, the same age as the girl appeared. “Here I am! So this is the guy who wrecked up our village and now wants our help!” I looked to the elder, confused. “These two children!?” “Yes, those two. They may be young, but do not let their appearances deceive you.” The boy spoke again. “Be glad that the Mysidian genius Palom is with you! You should be thanking me!” The little girl faced me, and curtsied. “Nice to meet you.” “Cecil.” “Nice to meet you, Cecil. I’m Porom.” She looked to the boy. “Palom! You must greet him!” The boy turned to me. “Hey dude.” This is going to be a nightmare. The elder spoke. “Now, Cecil, it is time for you to face Mt. Ordeals. Palom and Porom will help you to the best of their abilities.” We left the chamber, stocking up before we left town. It was a long walk to Mt. Ordeals. A few days later we had made it to the base of the mountain; a wall of fire barring our progress. Porom spoke to her brother. “This is your area, brother!” “I know! You don’t gotta tell me, sis!” He turned to the wall of fire, and begun chanting. This reminded me of Rydia, on Mt. Hobs. “Ice!” A blast of cold air erased the flames. “Easy as pie! Piece of cake! Nothing to the Mysidian genius Palo–” WHACK! The girl smacked him “Palom! Don’t you remember, the elder told us not to give in to arrogance!” This was going to be a long climb.

I was standing next to Rosa. I swore I could still smell Cecil on her. She was squirming, trying to break free. Excellent. “Milon! Come here!” I could hear my master speak. A hooded figure suddenly appeared in front of my master. “Milon of Earth here, at your service, Lord Golbez.” “Milon, Cecil is attempting to climb Mt. Ordeals. It would be in your best interest that he did not leave the mountain alive. Lucky for you, his dark blade has no effect on your army of the undead.” “He wants to become a Paladin, masssster?” “Yes. I fear that he might succeed, stop him before that happens.” Milon left the same way he appeared. Master turned to look at me. “Things are going to get interesting now, aren’t they, Kain?” I stepped forward. “Yes, master. But I know Cecil well, he should be a worthy opponent.” “I understand the amount of respect you have for your former friend, Kain. But if Cecil claims the power of light, he will be an enemy. There is a reason I sent Milon after him. He’s one of my four elemental Fiends. It’s going to be one hell of a show!” I kneeled. “Master! Please allow me the honor of killing Cecil!’ His hand hit my face, I flew backwards. “No, you idiot! I gave you that task once, and you failed! For that, you were given the task of watching over the girl.” I stood next to Rosa again. “Yes, master.”

“Tellah!” I shouted. The man turned around; it really was him. “Cecil! What are you doing here? Are you after Metro, as well?” Porom spoke. “You know of Metro, sir? That must mean..” Palom finished the sentence. “Hey, old dude! You’re Tellah, ain’t you!” Parom spoke to her brother, her tone was one of anger. “What what you say around Master Tellah!” He voice returned to normal. “We’re honored to be in your presence. We’re here on order of the elder to..” Palom spoke again. “Spy on!” WHACK! Porom smacked her brother again. “We’re here to guide Cecil to the summit of Mt. Ordeals. I’m Porom.” “And I’m Palom! You’re even famous back home!” Tellah looked to the children, and then to myself. “Children of Mysida. Where’s Edward and Rydia?” I lowered me head. “We were attacked by Leviathan on our way to Baron.” “That’s grave news, Cecil.” “And Rosa was captured by Golbez.” Palom stepped to his sister. “That must be his girrrlllfriend!” She only said one word to the boy. “HUSH!” “Cecil, I cannot defeat Golbez alone with my magic. I’ve been seeking the most powerful spell of legend, Metro. I’ve felt a great power on this mountain.” Porom spoke. “Metro is too dangerous!” Followed by Palom. “Yeah, you’re too old!” “I may be too old!” Tellah snapped, “But I still must avenge Anna!” Palom spoke to his sister. “Adults are such a pain in the ass.” “Quiet you!” She replied. “Cecil,” Tellah asked, “Why are you here?” “I seek the power of light. I wish to become a Paladin. My dark sword alone cannot overcome Golbez, and I fear I may slip back into the darkness once more.” “I shall join you, Cecil. Perhaps together, we can find the secret of this mountain.”

“You overcame the darkness within and became a Paladin, Cecil!” I smiled. This felt good. Different. “Cecil, to be honest with you, I sent Palom and Porom with you to spy on you. To see if your words matched what was in your heart. It turns out that there was no need for that.” I nodded; I understood. “I would have done the same thing, had our roles been reversed. I deserved it, for the atrocities I had committed.” “But you’ve overcome the past and have rightfully become a Paladin and..” His eyes caught my blade. “That sword!? Where did you get that sword!?” “I received it on Mt. Ordeals.” “May I see it?” I nodded, handing the blade to him. “Incredible! The inscription on this blade is the exact same as the Mysidian Legend!” “Legend? What legend?” The elder cleared his throat. “It goes something like this: One to be born from a dragon, hoisting the light and the darkness arises high in the sky, descending upon the still land. Veiling the moon with a light of eternity, it brings with it another promise to mother earth with a bounty and mercy.” Huh? “The light called me ‘My son’, as well. What was that light?” He handed me back the blade. “I do not know, nor do I know what the legend means. But, I believe you are vital to it, Cecil. As Mysidans, we’re told to pray for this legend to come true. And to believe in the one with the sacred light.” Tellah finally spoke. “We must hurry! Golbez must be defeated!” The elder looked to Tellah. “It’s been awhile, old man.” We met him on Mt. Ordeals!” Porom chirped. “Yeah! He knows Metro now, dude!” Palom added. The elder was shocked. “What!? Is the world in such a great danger to break the seal upon Metro?” Tellah nodded. “It seems as it is. I will avenge Anna with Metro!” “Tellah, you mean..” “Yes, Golbez took her life. I shall make him pay with the power of Metro. Even though it will cost me my life, I cannot forgive Golbez.” “I thought you’d say something like that, Tellah. Even through all these years, you still refuse to change.” Tellah grinned. “You too. You’re as stubborn as ever.” The elder looked to me. “Cecil has now become a Paladin. Perhaps if you were to join forces.” I spoke. “We must get to Baron and find an airship. Only then may we fight Golbez on equal terms. As long as he has an airship, he has the advantage.” The elder nodded. “Very well. I shall open Serpent’s Road. It will take you to Baron quickly. I shall confine myself to the Tower of Wishes and pray for you all.” We all headed to the door. The elder spoke once more. “Palom, Porom. You have completed your task.” Palom spoke. “It’s not over, dude! You told us to help him!” Porom spoke. “Please allow us to go with him.” The elder paused, thinking for a moment. “Very well. Mt. Ordeals accepted you, and you returned alive. Perhaps this is your destiny. Cecil, and Tellah. Please look after these two children.” “We shall. By your leave.” We exited the building and quickly made our way to the entrance of Serpent’s Road. Without thinking, I jumped into the portal, I could see the others following me. We arrived in a room that looked identical to the one we had left. Did it work?

Home. I was home again. It was time to find a ship, and Cid and go save Rose..

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