Final Fantasy V: Page 4

Let’s continue where we left off. I’m rushing to get to a certain part, honestly.

That’s what he gets for not believing us.

I’ll get right on that.

Fuck yes we were.

I have something to do first.

Interesting. An esper, you say.

This may or may not be important later.

Let me just walk into this waterfall here.

What in the hell..?

Uh? ‘Master’? Like you’d be a slave? COOL!

Shiva loses more and more clothing every Final Fantasy.

Hell yeah.

Of course we are.

Considering the size of the sprites, they did a fairly good job of detailing them.

Who cares!

Uh, sure she will.

What’s going on here?

Hmm. What will happen..?


Most the party has this problem, Faris.


Butte discovers himself. Yeah, I had to.


Weird? Stupid, retarded, afraid of heights–and now weird.

“Shut up.”

Huh, an entrance?



Good question. Too bad you can’t remember.

Past the mountains.

Oh. No. Please don’t tell me.

Please. No.

(Piano Lesson 3) You’re almost good. Almost.

But stop hammering at the keys, please.

It was all Butte, officer.

Who the hell?

Please tell me that they’re thinking what I think they’re thinking.

My kind of group.

What kind of.. No, wait, I don’t want to know.

Well, we now know who to kill first when the world goes to hell.

I guess we can’t. He tried to stop it.

Butte. Just stop trying to sound smart. It doesn’t work.

How can I put this gently? Aw, hell. You guys are fucked.

Plan: Whine like a bitch until I get my way.
Status: Successful.

They BLEW the wolf up! These guys rule. Snake would fit in well here.

New and improved magics.

To the boat we go.

I ain’t got nothing better to do.

The last female I encountered was a haughty bitch. Best proceed with caution.

I guess she didn’t listen to Cid.



Faris, you missed?

Shit shit shit.

So, this means that something’s being sealed by the crystals? What could it be?

Let’s go check on it.

Good, it’s still in one piece.

Another wolf?

Huh, this one knows Galuf. What in the hell’s going on?

OH NO, the retard is spreading. Quickly, kill Butte!

That’s what I want to know.

Swords out, AT THE READY!

Whatever wants out, wants out bad.

Uh oh.

How man people have died in this game? A lot so far. I have a feeling we’re going to add one more.

Was that Galuf’s original mission?

Oh, shit shit shit!

Alright guys, let’s go so his soon to be death won’t be in vain.

The retard has spread to all of them. :downs:


Stop using big words, Butte.

The huge amount of space adds emotion, dammit.


You have 10 minutes to get out. There’s various treasures littered about. One is a Ribbon. One of four in the game.

Every chest has one of these.


What a los–SHINIES!

Yes, you retards. Like the last two crystals.

Did I read that last job right?

FUCK YES! Too bad Faris can’t be a Ninja. Because she’s a Pirate, and if she would become a Ninja, the universe would first explode, then implode due to sheer awesomeness in one character.

“I charm enemies, but I pale in comparison to the Ninja.”

“I’m completely worthless, unless you want to die on traps.”

What will happen when we hit the fourth crystal?

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