Updates a-go-go, baby!

I took some time away from oapboap.org because I had finished uploading the last of the videos I produced before nuking my backup. I also promised you people some updates.

..Like a year ago!

I’ve been doing some backend work on my site, and now things shouldn’t be bork’d for you guys!

Visit the site, it now includes:

  • GOD HAND Playlists that actually work! Fuck yes! Including GOD HAND COMPLETE.
  • Speaking of GOD HAND, I added a new GOD TRACK (The Closing Credits–like I said, backend work)!
  • Hot new theme. It is the future, after all. NOTE: I am deliberately avoiding the year here. :v:
  • Fixed up some glaring formatting errors.
  • Child Pages will now list on their respective Parent Page. (e.g.: The Mad Midget Five bonus video will be linked on the page that has the video of the level where they’re introduced.)
  • Speaking of Playlists, on the pages that contain playlists, the contents of the playlist are now displayed in order. I put it on the page because fuck Flash, that’s why.
  • Speaking of Playlists, AGAIN, pages with playlists now have the playlist displayed in the HTML5 player. Because fuck Flash, that’s why.
  • :sg:

Things it doesn’t contain (right now):

  • New content. :supaburn:
  • New content that you actually want to view. Making websites is hard. :downs:

Let’s see if I can actually add some more of that content!

Somehow, these are always on a weekend day.

But, get ready!

Because here comes over 40 minutes of GOD HAND for you! (And you alone–forget the fact the internets are billions and billions of sta–computers.)