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Lots and lots of text coming up. Read it. Read it all.

I’m noticing just a couple of cameras here. None of them are scanning though, if you notice my radar. Huh.

There’s our objective. To blow that thing to hell. And since Liquid died in the helicopter explosion, there shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Otacon : Snake… it’s me.

What’s wrong? Did you find a good place to hide?

Otacon : Yeah, thanks to the stealth gear. It looks like they’ve finished getting Metal Gear ready.

How do you know that?

Otacon : I overheard them talking. Where are you now?

Right in front of Metal Gear… but it’s strange.

Otacon : What is?

There’s nobody here… no guards, nobody patrolling… it’s too quiet.

Otacon : Maybe because they’re all ready. They said they even input the PAL codes.

What should I do?

Otacon : All we can do is use the override system that President Baker told you about.

But I’ve only got one of the three keys. And besides that, like Ocelot said, there’s some trick to using the keys…

Otacon : Leave it to me…

You got some kind of plan?

Otacon : Well, I’m in the computer roo right now. I’m trying to access Baker’s private files.

Baker’s files? Don’t you need a password?
Wait for it.

Otacon : Of course. But there are ways…

Are you a hacker?

Otacon : Yup. That describes me pretty well.

Does it look like you can get in?

Otacon : I don’t know yet. I’ll give it a try.

I’m counting on you…
Not just an anime nerd, but a hacker, too. Awesome.

Otacon : It’s me again.

How’s it going?

Otacon : Hmmm… not bad. I just got past his third security level. He was a pretty careful guy.

Do you think you’ll break in soon?

Otacon : I’ve never met a system I couldn’t bust into.

Okay, keep trying.
Thank you for the wonderful update, Otacon. That at least tells me you’re not jerking it to Sailor Moon, or something.

Look, one lone guard. By the way, start reading now.

Otacon : Snake, I did it!

You got past security?

Otacon : Bingo!!!

Great. So whaddya got?

Otacon : I accessed the confidential Metal Gear file.

So what about the PAL override system that Baker talked about?

Otacon : I haven’t found it yet.

That’s what I need to know!

Otacon : But Snake, I found something else!

Neptune and Uranus going at it? Hawt.

Otacon : The secret behind the new nuclear weapon! Just as I thought, the nuclear warhead is designed to be fired from the rail gun, like a projectile… It doesn’t use fuel so it isn’t considered a missile. That way it can get around all sorts of international treaties.

Pretty sneaky.

Otacon : Yes, but effective. And that’s not even the scariest thing about this weapon.

I can’t wait to hear this.

Otacon : It’s a stealth weapon!

You mean it won’t show up on radar?

Otacon : Yeah. The truth is… they’ve been working on a stealth missile since the late 70’s.

Why weren’t they able to develop one until now?

Otacon : Because of the missile’s rocket propulsion system… it will be picked up by enemy satellites.

Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Otacon : But unlike a missile, the rail gun doesn’t burn any propellant. So it can’t be detected by any current ballistic missile detection systems.

An invisible nuclear warhead…
Fuck. That. Noise. This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE “What if this is actually happening?” moment. It’s scary to think about, which is.. No, wait. Not yet.

Otacon : Totally impossible to intercept. And on top of that, it’s got a surface piercing warhead designed to penetrate hardened underground bases.

We learned that lesson in the Gulf War.

Otacon : This thing could mean the end of the world!

It’s the ultimate weapon. And from a political point of view, it avoids the problem of nuclear reduction and nuclear inspections. Colonel, is this true? Are you listening?
That makes the “What if..?” weapon even scarier.

Campbell : I’m listening…

If word of this got out, it could delay the signing of the Start 3 Treaty and cause a huge international incident.

Otacon : Yeah, it would be nasty. The United States would be denounced by the UN… it could even bring the President down…

Did you know this, Colonel?
Survey says!

Campbell : I’m sorry…

You’ve changed, Colonel.

Campbell : I won’t make any excuses…
Of course he did.

Otacon : Snake, listen to me. This new nuclear weapon… it’s never actually been tested, only simulated.

You mean they ran a computer model?

Otacon : Yeah, that’s why they were conducting this excercise. They needed to get actual data to back up the simulation.

What were the results of the excercise?

Otacon : It looks like it went better than they hoped for. But…I can’t find the data anywhere on this network. You’d think that data as important as that would be carefully recorded…

It was. President Baker gave me an optical disc with all of the test data.

Campbell : What!? Do you still have it?

No, Ocelot took it from me.

Campbell : Damn…
Why does he want the disc?

Otacon : The terrorists have replaced the dummy warhead with a real warhead. Once they input the detonation codes, they should be ready to launch.

So you think they can do it?

Otacon : Well the dummy warhead was designed to be identical to the real thing, so I think so.

Did you find out how to override it yet?

Otacon : Not yet. It must be in a separate file. Right now, I’m looking through all of Baker’s personal files.

We’re counting on you…
Alright. Let’s get a little closer.


Ocelot : Okay. I’ve entered the PAL codes and disengaged the safety device. We can launch anytime.

Liquid : There’s still no response from Washington. It looks like we’ll have to show them that we mean business.

Ocelot : Should I set it for Chernoton, Russia?

Liquid : No, there’s been a change. The new target is…Lopnor, China.

Ocelot : Why Boss?

Liquid : I’m sure neither you nor Mr. Gurlukovich would really like to see a nuclear bomb dropped on your Motherland, right?


Ocelot : But why? There’s nothing there.

Liquid : Wrong. It’s a nuclear test site.

Ocelot : A nuclear test site?

Liquid : If we nuke a major population center, the game’s over… But a nuclear explosion at a test site can still be concealed from the public. Meanwhile Washington will be worried about the retaliatory strike from China.

Ocelot : That’ll probably mean top secret talks between both countries’ leaders…

Liquid : Of course. And in the process, the President will be forced to divulge the existence of a new and highly destabilizing nuclear weapon to the Chinese. What do you think that will do to the U.S.’s reputation? Or the President’s?
Why is everyone setting up against the President? Protip: It’s revealed in MGS2.

Ocelot : And with the CTBT, that means that China and India… I see…

Liquid : Yes. When the other countries hear about this new weapon, they’ll all want to contact us. Washington won’t be very happy when we start selling their own system to the highest bidders. Yes. The President will break. He will give in to our demands.

Ocelot : Big Boss’s DNA and one billion dollars…

One billion dollars!

Liquid : That money will be used to cure our genome soldiers as well. I’m also including the FoxDie vaccine in our demands.

Ocelot : FoxDie… It killed Octopus and the ArmsTech president… So it’s true that it affects older people first. Mantis might not have been affected because he wore a mask.

Liquid : Wolf wasn’t infected either. Perhaps due to those tranquilizers she always took.

Ocelot : Something to do with the adrenaline level in the blood? Or maybe it’s just because this FoxDie was still experimental and they haven’t worked out all the bugs yet…

Liquid : In any case, have you heard from your friend, Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich at the Spetznaz?

Ocelot : He still has doubts about the ability of Metal Gear. He said we can talk after Metal Gear’s test launch is successful.

Liquid : He is a very prudent man.

Ocelot : There’s nothing to worry about. The Colonel wants Metal Gear and the new nuclear weapon so bad he can taste it. If Russia wants to regain its position as a military superpower, they need to reinforce their nuclear arsenal. They need a nuclear weapon that can’t be intercepted. Metal Gear will allow them to gain first strike capability over the rest of the world.
The Russians.. They want to give Metal Gear to the Russians?

Liquid : Their regular army is in shambles and they think they can restore their country’s military power with nuclear weapons? Gurlukovich… he’s no warrior… he is a politician.

Ocelot : But he’s the one who gave us the Hind and most of our other heavy firepower.

Liquid : He’s got over a thousand soldiers under his command. If we joined forces we could put up quite a resistance here. Since Mantis died, the genome soldiers’ brainwashing has started to wear off. I’m worried about the men’s morale. An alliance with the Russians would boost that as well…

Ocelot : What are you saying?

Liquid : We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to dig in here.

Ocelot : We could still escape…

Liquid : We’ve got the most powerful weapon ever made and we’re about to ally with Gurlukovich’s forces.

Ocelot : Are you going to fight the whole world?

Liquid : And what’s wrong with that? We can launch a nuclear warhead at any target on this planet… A nuclear warhead invisible to radar. And on top of that, this base is full of spare nuclear warheads. Once we get the DNA and the money, the world will be ours!
Well, fuck. We’re as good as dead with this maniac behind the wheel.

Ocelot : What about your promise to Colonel Gurlukovich?

Liquid : I have no interest in the revival of Mother Russia.

Ocelot : …You’re not thinking of reviving Big Boss’s dream?

Liquid : From today, …call this place “Outer Heaven”.

Big Boss’s dream…

Ocelot : But Boss,… you’re not worried about the PAL being overridden? If the code is entered again, it’ll be deactivated.
Do you think that they know Snake is close by?

Liquid : No need to worry. The DARPA Chief and the ArmsTech president are both dead.

Ocelot : Does Snake know how the override system works?

Liquid : You interrogated him. Don’t you know?

Ocelot : He didn’t have any keys on him.

Liquid : Good. Then no one can stop Metal Gear now.

Ocelot : By the way, what should we do with that woman? Want me to kill her?

Liquid : Let her live. She’s Campbell’s niece and Snake cares for her… We’ll keep her as our ace in-the-hole.
I’d say so.

Meryl… she’s alive.
Well, that’s good.

Otacon : Snake, I found Baker’s top-secret files!

Great job.

Otacon : How’s it going there?

They’ve finished inputting the PAL codes. So how do we deactivate them?

Otacon : Okay…y’see the override system that the president was talking about… It can also be used to input the detonation codes. Y’see if you insert the keys when the warhead is active, you deactivate it. And if you insert them when it’s inactive, it becomes activated. And you can only use the keys once.

Only once, huh.

Otacon : Yeah…you’d better get started. We don’t have much time.

But it takes three keys, right!? I’ve only got one of them!

Otacon : Hold on a minute. Y’see that’s the trick. You already have all three keys!

What are you talking about!?

Otacon : The card key is made of a shape memory alloy.

Shape memory alloy?

Otacon : Yes. It’s a material that changes shape at different temperatures. The key is made out of it!

This card key?

Otacon : Yeah. The card key changes shape at different temperatures.

So this key is actually three keys in one…clever.

Otacon : Can you see the input terminals in the center of the Control Room…

I see them.

Otacon : Those three laptop terminals are for the emergency input. There should be a symbol on each screen… Each symbol corresponds to a different key. Input the keys in order from left to right. The left one’s for the room temperature key. See the symbol? Next to that goes the low temperature key. The one on the right is the high temperature key.

Okay, I got it. First I change the shape of the card and then I input them in order, right?

Otacon : That’s right. All you do is insert the card keys. After you insert the key into the module, a hard disk reads the information contained on it. Once you’ve finished with all three terminals, the code input process is complete. But here’s the thing. You can only use the key three times. It’s an emergency system and it’s only meant to be used once.

Campbell : The world is riding on that key, Snake.

Ocelot : Who’s that!!

Damn!! The key fell in the drainage ditch!

Liquid : Snake!! This is bullet-proof glass! There’s no way in! I’ll enjoy watching you die!

Campbell : Snake, you’ve got to get that key!

Oh wow. Lots of information to soak in, and I JUST lost the PAL key! What’ll happen next?

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