Parasite Eve: Page 10

So, we’ve been averaging 2 updates per day. Somehow.

Anyhow, let’s get THE DAY on the road. The game’s difficulty ups at around this point, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. (I’ll also be level grinding in the next part, of this update, so it’ll take a little bit longer than usual.)

Day 5: Evolution

Do da, do da. There’s a theme behind these days, isn’t there?

Alright! Most supervillians have their bases in old warehouses, right?

Why do I get the feeling Eve’s not here. Especially since stereotypical cop #3 isn’t grease right now.

But, he didn’t get out precious. Now Aya can pretend she’s James Bond and–yeah. That won’t work. I already used a Sean Connery joke in Metal Gear Solid.

Tom and Jerry: MUTATED
Except, Tom leaves and Jerry needs to be shot with a grenade launcher several times. PLEASE MAKE THIS CARTOON!


I hate how I never see things. To be honest, this is my first time through the Warehouse.

Killin’ rats and spiders. All in a day’s work for Aya Brea.

There’s a loud hissing sound in the room.

ARGH! It has a simple pattern, though. And once you learn it, it’s all about how long you can extend the fight. I didn’t get shots, I was busy not dying.


I’m sure this is a better lead. Oh yes.

Not pictured: One billion Chinese people.

There’s a joke here, and it’s writing itself. But I’m going to do it, anyway.
Chinese Chicken! Meow!

Although they invented gunpowder first, it would take them any years to invent refrigeration.


Every RPG must have a sewer.

You get a LOT of these down here.

lol, pallet swap.

You maybe worthless, but your goodies will make a fine, fine gun.

Oh my. Are you telling me it has a conscious?

You should know by now that a single picture with something not as situational means click for video.

Oh my.

Let’s DO IT!

Hm. A control room. I really wish more RPGs would be modern like this. Parasite Eve’s setting in a real, but bizarro New York is pretty neat.

Well, hell. Let’s try the other pump.

La la la, everything seems okay.

Goddamned spoilsport.

A door? Where’s it go?


And where do I find that? Huh?

This is a friendly angle!

A boss! Shoot it a few times, and then…

It pops into four smaller segments. Kill the segments and you win.

Oh my.

This is the 1000th image. It also has our key.

Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN! What awaits us at museum!?!

I think this is a pretty logical stopping point.

Next update: THE UPDATE! (I hope.)

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  1. The LP things are like playing a game without any of the…um…work. It’s like reading a book of a game with…more pictures. Simply put, I approve of this dot-org(y).

    But now I have an account on the site. Drew, what do I do next?!

  2. Naturally, no ‘Reply to”. WORDPRESS.

    I like them because they’re a way to experience something without actually doing it. That sounded better in my head.

    Hm. El accounto? Well, let me read up. I suppose I could make you an author, or somesuch. Gimme a couple of days to see what I can find out.

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