Chapter 1, Part 2.

Well, apparently, I did something good. So, let’s continue that.

This update contains a BONUS because it is so small. Details at the end.

Morning arrived too quickly. It was time for Kain and I to visit the village of Mist. Although it wasn’t a long journey, the King made us travel on foot. He said he couldn’t even spare a chocobo for those who disobey. Or, in Kain’s case, those who are friends with those who disobey. His Majesty didn’t seem to care that it was dangerous to those who travel on foot. “You were trained by me to an excellent fighter,” the king’s voice echoed in my head, “You will not need a chocobo, the creatures around the castle will not be a threat to you.” How does he know? He’s never stepped foot outside of the castle in years, he has his servants and knights do most of his scouting for him. As they should. But I still wonder how he knows. “Hey, Cecil?” Kain’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “Yes, what is it?” “Let’s go and get this over with, Cecil.” “I couldn’t agree more, Kain. Rosa’s already worried sick about me, for just a simple task like this.” For just a second, I thought I had seen a jealous look upon Kain’s face, but I shrugged it off.

No less than ten yards outside of the castle walls, Kain and I were ambushed. Four imps somehow managed to cross our paths. While alone an imp is no serious threat, in a group they can be deadly. Kain and I were both trained on what to do, this should be no problem at all. I would provide the frontal assault with my swordplay; and Kain would attack from above like any decent Dragon Knight would. The battle was over as quickly as it had started, we were victorious. This road would be a long one, that’s for sure. I told Kain to follow me to the southwest, I knew of a secret there that would help us in this journey.

A chocobo forest. We couldn’t have armored mounts. The King had strictly forbidden that. There was nothing wrong with wild mounts though. Catching them, however, was a different story. Wild birds were jittery and quick to scare. Snaking up on it would be the best way to catch one. Naturally, this is also the most difficult way. I started creeping up behind the closest bird, however my armor had something else to say about that. *CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!* That was all that was needed, the entire flock of wild chocobo acted up! ‘KWEH! KWEH! KWEEEEEEHHHH!’ The birds were hysterical; they weren’t attacking us, but they definitely did not want us there. I looked to Kain, he looked to me. “Looks like we’re going to have to…” I started. “…do this the FUN way!” Kain finished, leaping onto a tree branch. I started chasing a chocobo that wasn’t quite sure what it was supposed to be doing. It’d run, that was a granted; but wild chocobo would never run from their forest. It started running, I jumped at it. Of course I missed, a grown man in full battle armor can’t jump well. But landing on the bird was never my real goal. Landing, my armor provided a loud metallic thud. It worked, the bird was shocked and frozen for the few precious seconds Kain had needed. Swiftly, he leapt from the tree branch and onto the bird’s back. “Great job, Cecil. Way to catch the bird!” Standing, I brushed the dirt and grass off of my armor, “Oh, admit it, it was fun. That’s why we have fun plans.” Kain grinned. “Fun, yes. Professional and becoming of a Dark Knight? No.” “Oh, shut up and let me on the Chocobo.” We rode off towards the Mist cave.

There it was. On the other side of that cave was our goal. We’d be done and back to the castle before dinner. Venturing in, it was as we expected, full off mist. We could barely see where we were going, one wrong move here could be our last. Blindly making our way though the cave, and fighting monsters, we paused at the top of a set of stairs. The air was different here, colder, heavier. There was something close by, and from what I could tell, it did not like us. “Go back!” A rough voice cried from beyond the mist. “Kain..?” I paused. “Yeah, Cecil, I heard that.” “Good, I wasn’t the only one.” A chill ran down my spine, but I could not show cowardice right now, especially in front of Kain. We kept going forward, on the assumption that it was nothing. This time, we had crossed a bridge. Again the air was colder and heavier than before. Something was here, close by and did not like us. “Leave now!” The same voice spoke to us. Kain and I glanced at each other, shrugged and continued on. We had climbed the last set of stairs, our goal was just a few steps ahead of us. Once more, the air grew cold and heavy, even more so than the time before. “Those from Baron, return to your home, and you will not be harmed.” A pause. A long silence. This was definitely not nothing. Something serious was going on here. “We must continue,” I pleaded with the voice, “the King has ordered me to deliver a package to the village of Mist! I cannot go back on his Majesty’s wish!” Another pause. Longer than before. “Do you not know what you are carrying, stain of the kingdom? Do you not know what will happen? Very well, so be it. Prepare yourselves!” The mist started to gather around Kain and myself..

A gigantic dragon! Made of..mist? “Watch yourself, Kain! This is going to be a long battle.” “Hey, Cecil, I’m a DRAGON Knight, I think I can deal with dragons.” He was joking and having fun. Perhaps it was a good idea, not being so tense. “Hah, right Kain. Let’s just see who lands the finishing blow!” We both fought our hardest, Kain jumping and using his spear, myself slicing at the dragon wherever I could; and the battle was soon over. Neither of us had any serious injuries. We silently exited the cave, wondering if the voice’s cryptic warning was about. What did it mean that we did not know what we are carrying, and what would happen? These were the questions that I did not have answers to right now.

There it was. The Mist village. Whatever’s in this package will finally be seen, whatever will happen will happen. I no longer have control over this. If I turn back now, surely Kain himself would stop me. And if I were to make it back, who knows what the king would do to me. Heart pounding, I took a step towards the village, my soul was not ready…

BONUS! Moving Picture of the Boss Battle! Oh boy!

Okay, now you see how the battle system works. This is where we’re going to have interaction. I will pose a little contest at the end of a post before a boss battle. The contest will be something simple. Generally a question. Now, what’s the point of this, you may be wondering. Well, if you answer correctly, or are the closest, you get to set a condition for the upcoming boss battle. It could be anything. Like “Cecil cannot fight.” or “Swords only” or “Magic only.” Whatever the condition is, I have to follow it. I will then record the fight and post it to google video, and include it in the next update. So, have fun with this one, alright?


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