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As you last remember, the search for Dave had started. We decided to check out the North Cape and found none other than Magus. Let’s see where this goes.

Perfecting Squall’s lines four years before Squall was even created.

Good call, Glenn.


Insanely powerful Wizard from nowhere.

Drop the grudge, Glenn.

How does he know this?

Alright. So, let’s find Gaspar.

What!? What is it!

It’s starting to form something.


The Ocean Palace has risen!? What’s going on here?

88 MILES PER HOUR!!!!!!!! (Ironically, this image ends in an 88. I, in no way, did not plan this.)

Yeah, about him..

Haha, Master of War my ass!

You see..

“Memories of Dave”.

Perhaps you know where he is?

Well, you see..

You’re not HELPING.


There goes Meryl, thinking with her stomach, again.

A little egg can do all that? Did they plan this out back in Zeal, or what?

Protip: There is no ‘may not’.

Protip: Seriously, don’t sweat it. Dave’s the main character. Main characters can never permanently die.

Connecting the dots.

Back in the Kingdom of Zeal.

Which Dave is, I guess.

Always a catch.

Now, where was a fair at?

Alright. Let’s do it!


After walloping on Gato a few times, we come back with enough points and play the stupid game.

Or, he will be, let’s put it that way.

Sure thing!

Alright. Now we can do this thing.

Probably not.

Seriously, did they all foresee this, and plan accordingly?

Two follow.


Odd request here.

Now, let’s press on.

Simple enough!

Protip: Hit the face and not the shell.

Another one.

Read: Pain in the ass section.


So it is.

So far, so good.


Don’t worry, dammit.

Oh, for the love of..


So, there we are, back at that moment.

Kind of eerie, when you think of it.

Let’s get to it.

Very. The sooner we rescue Dave, the better.

Oh, shut up.

Now, wake up, dammit.

The sooner, the better.

Callous bastard.

Seems as though we succeeded.

Like a beam of pure energy was getting ready to hit me, then I wake up here.

Of course ‘we’ did.

I don’t think Dave’s planning on it.

Honestly, do you think he’s listening?

Liar, you knew it would work.

Discussion: There’s evidence that Gaspar was a planned member of the team (he has overworld sprites). This was scrapped, and we’re left with seven. Other rumors include Schala and Cyrus, and maybe even Toma.

That’s the second time it’s done that.

After I level up some, that’s for sure.

The following are all side quests.

If you told the woman in Zeal to plant the plant, you can help save Fiona’s forest.

So, Ozzie didn’t die..

Learn all about REX and his ‘family’.

The Sun Stone.

It has to be Cyrus. This quest yields Glenn’s ultimate weapon.

This is useful in getting the Prisim equipment.

That’s always there. I’m assuming it’s referring to a ‘save Schala’ quest for Janus.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

And there we go! More to come.

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