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FINALLY. The end of Day 2. I know this game loves its walls of text, and SCIENCE. But, hell. That took a long time. It probably ewould have been over 20 megs if I ran a single update for the entire day. With that out of the way, let’s complete Day 2.

Day 2: Fusion, part 4.

When we had last left Aya, we were faced by gigantic worm/snake things. Having finished that, this awaits us.


Oh. Shit. That’s not supposed to be like that!

This is looking really good. Oh yes. Yes indeed.

I would say that’s a pretty good reason. Wouldn’t you?


Eve sort of flies around and we shoot her. A few times.

Eve: Well, if you don’t know, your mitochondria will… That’s why you were drawn to the opera.

Aya: What are you talking about?

Eve: Here, let me explain…


You see, Aya was saving herself, and this long-armed floaty bat-shit-insane-bitch ruined that.

Stop? Okay.

The horsey ride stops all too soon.
Oh damn. You alright, Aya?

Do you see it?

This scene. This memory. There’s got to be something to it. Besides burning the hell out of my eyes.

This isn’t going exactly to plan.

Danny boy: Ben…!! Weren’t you going to the concert?

Ben: …I came here with mom, but she… she was all weird.

Danny boy: What do you mean, Ben?!

Ben: I came with mom so the 3 of us could be together….

Danny boy: So that’s why you came to get me…

Ben: Mom went to the stage but… she freaked out…

Danny boy: What do you mean, mom freaked out?!
Yeah, what?

Aw, damnit.

Baker: We can NOT put the lives of citizens in jeopardy any longer. We have orders to evacuate all citizens out of Manhattan. Fortuneately, most people are out of the city for Christmas.

Warner: What do we do, sir?

Baker: We will stay and assist in neutralizing Eve.

Nix: Shouldn’t we leave it to the army?

Baker: We’re the ones that are supposed to be protecting the city!
Oh, this is a real good plan.

Danny boy: Dammit, where could she be!

Baker: Daniel, I need you to help evacuate the citizens.

Danny boy: She’s our only hope against this thing now!
Damned straight.

Baker finally gets it right.

Danny: Ben, I’m sorry… I have to go find Aya.

Ben: Where’d she go?

Danny: I dunno, but she’s the only one that can fight the thing that hurt your mommy.
Cath, look after the kid, willya?

By the way, I’m watching all this, not playing it.

Nothing can go wrong with this idea, right? I mean, even evacuated, the Popo shop is the safest place, right?

I like puppies. Puppy!

That’s good, the dog likes the kid. And vicea versa.

Let’s leave New York!

Oh my.

Cop A: You won’t even find a cat on this street!

Japanese man: I told you, I’ve already contacted the police about this matter!

Cop A: What?

Japanese man: …Er… uh… I’m not getting anywhere with my English…

Cop B: Hey, you Chinese?

Japanese man: N, no! I’m Japanese!

Cop B: Nanda, nihonjin desuka?

Japanese man: OH, YES! Can you speak Japanese?

Cop B: Chotto dake ne. Daredesuka?

Japanese man: I am Kunihiko Maeda. Er… Japanese… er…. aaa…
Que? Can someone translate that?

Hur hur hur!

Let this be a lesson. Be a racist hick, catch on fire. Class dismissed.

Still not controlling this.


Danny boy: There’s no one out there but cops… It’s a ghost town. Never seen anything like it. Pretty creepy, if ya ask me…

Aya: Where’s Eve?! What happened to the people in Central Park?

Danny boy: Ben was okay… but… the rest of the audience… Well, they just… disappeared.

Maeda: Disappeared? You mean they weren’t ignited?

Aya: They all melted into slime… and became… one big mass…

Maeda: That’s something new… Nothing like that happened in Japan

Aya: Japan?

Maeda: A similar incident occurred several years ago, in Japan. Although it wasn’t as grandiose in scale as this one.

Aya: What?!

Maeda: It all started when a scientist’s wife was involved in a car accident. The scientist tried to culture her liver cells in order to keep her alive. The scientist named those cells… Eve…

Maeda: The liver cells multiplied and her mitochondria eventually took over her physical body. After aquiring the scientist’s sperm, Eve tried to give birth to an ultimate being.

Aya: Ultimate Being…? What kind of “being”…?

Maeda: “She”, the being who mutated from the liver cells, couldn’t maintain her body for long. By the way, before the car accident occurred, the wife has registered to have her organs donated. So after the accident, her kidneys were transplanted into a young girl… And Eve implanted a fertilized egg in the young girl who gave birth to… an Ultimate Being.

Maeda: I was extremely interested in this and went to his lab so that I could continue research. After hearing about this incident, I had to fly over here.

Danny boy: What the hell is going on HERE?!

Danny boy: …Aya, are you OK?

Aya: Yeah… I’m fine…

Danny boy: I thought that monster had gotten a hold of you! Thought it was too late…

Aya: When I felt Eve… something inside of me felt like it was being…

Maeda: You felt you were about to be ignited, correct?

Danny boy: No, she’s… Well, she’s the only one that isn’t affected.

Maeda: What?! I… I… don’t understand.

Aya: I… I think I may be a monster… Like HER!

Danny boy: What?! What are you saying, Aya?!

Aya: I don’t know. What if… What if I end up killing you?!

Danny boy: Aw, shut up! You know that’s not…

Aya: Please, Daniel! I don’t know! I just don’t know anymore! Please go away! Just… Just stay away from me!!

Danny boy: Aya…

Aya: Please…

Maeda: Yes. I understand your point.

Danny boy: H, hey! Where do you think YOU’RE going?!

Aya: Even if I am a monster, I don’t EVER want to kill you, Daniel… please…! I… I could never forgive myself if I ever killed… you…

Danny boy: Aya… You’re no monster. You’re my best partner, Aya Brea! I’ll be by your side… always, Aya…..
Huh? What was Aya going to say, before she got cut off?

What. The. Hell?!

Next Update: ogod, I need to play day three to tell you what the next update is!

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