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¡Achtung, baby! This update contains senseless gore, though, not pictured. We gotta earn that goddamed M-raiting. Lots of good stuff, though.

Campbell : Be careful. You absolutely must not use weapons in that area.

Naomi : I’ve already programmed the nanomachines so that he won’t be able to, Colonel.

What? What are you talking about?

Naomi : Have you forgotten? That’s where they keep the nuclear warheads. Can’t you see them?

Yeah. There’s lots of boxes piled up here, but… are they all warheads?
Dammit, let ME choose if I want to blow myself to hell or not. Don’t make the nanos ‘force me not to’. GOD.

Campbell : Yes. They’re all dismantled warheads.

They just leave them here? It’s like President Baker said… totally careless.

Campbell : They’re working on a limited budget. They try to put on a pretty face for the media, but this is the grim reality of it. Nastasha knows lots more than I do. Her frequency is 141.52.
So, Baker WAS telling the truth. Does that mean he was telling the truth about the DARPA chief, too?

Naomi : All of the warheads in those boxes have had their detonation mechanisms removed so there’s no fear of them exploding. But if the warheads are broken they might leak plutonium and that would be a serious problem.

Campbell : Snake, you must never use your weapon on that floor.
No, you see, I want to blow this place to hell. Environmental safety laws be DAMNED.

I enjoy screwing with the guards. And yes. That guard in the last image was doing what you think he was before Snake put a choke hold on him.

Hm. I notice a new dot on my radar.

Who the hell?

I’m noticing a small problem here. I have to blow up the thing in the last image, but here’s the catch, the floor in the first image is sparking. AND the place is full of gas.

Deepthroat : Snake! Watch out! That place is filled with gas. Also, the floor is electrified. First destroy the high voltage switch. Its the switchboard on the northwest wall.

But how? I can’t reach it.

Deepthroat : Use a remote-controlled missile.
Did I hear him right? A REMOTE CONTROLLED missile? SWEET! I’m gonna have fun with this!

Heh heh heh.

Not pictured: Controlling the missile.

oshit. This isn’t good.

You know what that means..

WHO YOU GUNNA CALL!? “Solid Snake!”

Scientist : Stealth camouflage? Who are you?

Ninja : Where is my friend?

Scientist : What… what are you talking about? What next?

Is that who I think it is?

Ninja : Snake!!

You’re that ninja.

Ninja : I’ve been waiting for you, Snake.

Who are you?

Ninja : Neither enemy nor friend. I am back from a world where such words are meaningless. I’ve removed all obstacles. Now you and I will battle to the death.

What do you want?
Dude, Snake, loosen the bandana. He just said “a fight to the death”.

Ninja : I’ve waited a long time for this day. Now I wanto to enjoy the moment.

Scientist : What… what’s with these guys? It’s like one of my Japanese animes…

Ninja : I’ve come from another world to do battle with you.

What is it? Revenge?

Ninja : It is nothing so trivial as revenge. A fight to the death with you. Only in that can my soul find respite. I will kill you or you will kill me… it makes no difference.
(The geeky guy locks himself in a locker.)

Scientist : Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Ninja : Hah! Fine! He can watch from inside there.

I need that man. Keep your hands off him.
Oh, this going good.

Ninja : Now Snake. Make me feel alive again.
Where’s the ‘fair’ in this battle?

Ninja : Now we will fight like true warriors. Hand to hand, the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.
The ninja puts his sword away at this point.

Now we have to find the ninja. Thermal goggles work well.

Ninja : I felt that, Snake… Do you remember me now?

It can’t be! You were killed in Zanzibar…
Who the hell?

(The ninja spazzes out, again.)
Ninja : Eeeeeyaaaaaah!

What!? Not again!!

Ninja : The… the mediciiiiine!

What’s happening?

Ninja : …I…I… I’m losing myself…
Don’t tell me, another “battle to the death”.

Scientist : Is it over?

Ninja : Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
(The ninja exits.)
Oh, I forgot about him. Oops.

Grey Fox… Colonel, that ninja is Grey Fox. No doubt about it.

Campbell : Rediculous! You of all people should know he died in Zanzibar.
Wait. Does this mean.. ZOMBIE CYBORG NINJA!? SWEET!

Naomi : No, he should have died… but he didn’t.

Campbell : What!?
What in the hell is going on here?

Naomi : It happened before I joined FOX-HOUND’s medical staff. They were using a soldier for their gene therapy experiments.

Campbell : I never heard that.
It’s not good when the leader of an op doesn’t know about dark little secrets.

Naomi : It happened right after you retired. My predecessor, Dr. Clark, was in charge.

Campbell : Dr. Clark…
Who in the hell was Dr. Clark?

Naomi : Yes. He started the gene therapy project.

And where is he now?

Naomi : He was killed in an explosion in his lab two years ago.

And what about this soldier?

Naomi : Apparently for their test subject, they decided to use the body of a soldier who was recovered after the fall of Zanzibar…

And that was Grey Fox…
So, Clark’s dead, but he lived long enough to make the ninja thing from a dead soldier? What the Christ?

Campbell : But he was already dead…

Naomi : Yes. But they revived him. They fitted him with a prototype exoskeleton and kept him drugged for four years while they experimented on him like a plaything. Today’s genome soldiers were born from those experiments.
The ninja thing was..the basis for all the soldiers in this complex? WHAT!?

Campbell : That’s the sickest thing I ever heard.

Naomi : They used him to test all sorts of gene therapy techniques.

Naomi, why didn’t you tell us about this sooner?

Naomi : Because it’s confidential information.

Is that the only reason?

Naomi : …
How does she know all this when the Campbell doesn’t? Something weird’s going on..

Campbell : Naomi, what happened to Grey Fox after that?

Naomi : The record says he died in the explosion.

Campbell : I see… But even if that ninja is Grey Fox, the question is why?

From what I could tell, he didn’t know who he was.
Yet, he knew you, Snake. Hmm.

Campbell : Are you saying that he’s just a mindless robot?

I’m not sure, but he seems intent on fighting me to the death. We’ll meet again, I know it.
Great. Another fight with the Ninja. I’m not looking forward to this.

Naomi : So you’ll fight again? Until you kill him?

Hmmmmm… I’d rather not, but maybe that’s what he wants…

Naomi : ….
He said that’s what he wanted!

How long are you going to stay in there?

Scientist : Huh? …are you one of them?

No, I’m not. I always work alone.

Scientist : Alone? Are you an Otaku too?

C’mon, get out. We can’t stay here forver.
A what?

Scientist : Your uniform is different from theirs.

You’re the Metal Gear chief engineer, Hal Emmerich, right?

Emmerich : You know me?

I heard about you from Meryl.
The guy who helped design Metal gear is a goddamned ANIME NERD!?!

Emmerich : Oh. So you’re here to rescue me?

Sorry, but no. There’s something that I’ve got to do first.

Emmerich : Oh, well… at least you’re not one of them…
Besides, we know what’s happened to everyone that Snake’s rescued.

Huh? Are you hurt?

Emmerich : I’m okay. I just twisted my ankle a little bit trying to get away.

Well, if that’s all, it’s nothing to worry about. I want to ask you something. I need information about Metal Gear.

Emmerich : Huh? Metal Gear?

Yeah. What’s Metal Gear really designed for?

Emmerich : It’s a mobile TMD. It’s designed to shoot down nuclear missiles, only for defensive purposes of course.
Of course.

Liar! I already know that Metal Gear is nothing more than a nuclear-equipped, walking death mobile.

Emmerich : Nuclear? What are you talking about?

The terrorists are planning to use Metal Gear to launch a nuclear missile. You telling me I didn’t know?

Emmerich : They’re going to put a nuclear missile into Metal Gear’s TMD missile module?

Wrong. From the beginning, the purpose of this exercise was to test Metal Gear’s nuclear launch capability using a dummy nuclear warhead. The terrorists are just continuing the work you started.
Whoa, whoa. Switch to decaf there, buddy. No need to flip out on the anime nerd.

Emmerich : No, you’re wrong….

I heard it directly from your boss, Baker.

Emmerich : No… a nuclear missile on Rex?

…So you really didn’t know?

Emmerich : No. All the armament was built by a separate department and the president personally supervised the final assembly of the main unit.

President Baker?

Emmerich : Yeah. I was never told exactly what they armed Rex with. I…I only know it’s equipped with a vulcan cannon, laser, and a rail gun.
Too mand damned fingers in the pot.

A rail gun you said?

Emmerich : Yeah. It uses magnets to fire bullets at extremely high velocities. The technology was originally developed for the SDI system and later scrapped. We were successful in miniaturizing it in a joint venture between ArmsTech and Rivermore National Labs. The rail gun is on Rex’s right arm.

Metal Gear’s main funtion is to launch nuclear missiles. You’re sure you’re not forgetting something?

Emmerich : It’s true that Metal Gear has a missile module on his back that can carry up to eight missiles. But are you saying it was originally meant to carry nuclear missiles?
Important information. Seriously.

Yeah, but that’s not all I think. If Metal Gear fired only standard nuclear missiles, then they should already have all the practical data they need.

Emmerich : No… could it be? Metal Gear’s co-developer, Rvermore National Labs, was working on a new type of nuclear weapon. They were using NOVA and NIF laser nuclear fusion testing equipment and supercomputers.

So they developed a new type of nuclear weapon in a VR testing lab, huh?

Emmerich : Yes, but, you can’t use virtual data on a battlefield. They would need actual launch data.
A new type of nuke? We don’t need new types of nukes. Again, another “What if this shit is really happening?” ordeal.

Emmerich : These are some of the supercomputers. If you link these you can test everything in a virtual environment. But it’s all just theoretical.

So this exercise was designed to test the real thing?

Emmerich : What did our president do? If the terrorists launch that thing… Damn!! …Damn!! I’m such a fool! It’s all my fault… The truth is… my grandfather was part of the Manhattan Project. He suffered with the guilt for the rest of his life. And my father… he was born on August 6, 1945…

The day of the Hiroshima bomb… God’s got a sense of humor all right.

Emmerich : Three generations of Emmeich men… We must have the curse of nuclear weapons written into our DNA.
This will be game.

Emmerich : I used to think I could use science to help mankind. But the one that wound up getting used was me. Using science to help mankind. that’s just in the movies…

That’s enough crying. Pull yourself together! Where is Metal Gear? Where on this base are they keeping it?

Emmerich : Rex is in the underground maintainence base.

Where is that?

Emmerich : North of the Communications Tower. But it’s a long way there.

The emergency override system for the detonation code is there too?

Emmerich : Yeah, in the maintenance base’s Control Room. You better hurry. If they were planning a launch from the start, then their ballistic program is probably finished. And since they haven’t called for me in a few hours, they must not need me. In other words, they must be ready to launch.

Meryl’s got the detonation override keys. We’ll link up with her.

Emmerich : If we can’t override the launch we’ll have to destroy Rex.
Blowing things to hell is Snake’s speciality.

Emmerich : I’ll show you the way.

On that leg of yours? You’ll just slow me down.

Emmerich : You’ll need me if you’re gonna destroy Rex.

I don’t need you. I just need your brain.

Emmerich : I created Rex. It’s my right… my duty to destroy him.

If you get a chance, try to escape. When the coast is clear I’ll try to contact you by Codec.

Emmerich : How am I supposed to escape from an island?


Emmerich : So what then?

I want you to hide somewhere and keep me informed. You know this place well, don’t you?

Emmerich : Of course I do. And don’t worry. I’ve got this.
I’m honestly shocked that Snake didn’t say “Start swimming.” or something to that extent.

Emmerich : It’s the same stealth technology as the ninja. FOX-HOUND was going to use them, but… With this I’ll be fine, bad leg and all.

Good. But I want Meryl to watch after you too.
I wonder why FOX HOUND decided to not use the stealth camo.

Meryl, the engineer’s okay.

Meryl : That’s a relief.

I want you to look after him. Where are you now?

Meryl : Very close.

Guard : There she is! Over there!

Meryl : Oh no! Damn… they’ve spotted me!!

Meryl! What happened!?

Something’s wrong.

Emmerich : Did you hear something? Wasn’t that some kind of music?

What did she look like?

Emmerich : She… she was wearing the same green uniform as the terrorists.
How in the HELL did he hear music over Snake’s codec!?!

A disguise?

Emmerich : She had such a cute way of walking. She kind of wiggles her behind.

You were really looking.

Emmerich : Well… she’s got a very cute behind…

Way of walking, huh?
Well, so was Snake. Ans so was I, if that’s the second picture of polygonal ass I’ve shown you.

Emmerich : If she’s disguised as the enemy, you’ll have to contact her when she’s alone, huh? There’s only one place where we can be sure she’s by herself.

Where’s that?

Emmerich : Don’t be so dense… Here, use this security card. It’s security level 4.
Hm. Now. Where can she go to be by herself in this base?

You’re not in pain, are you?

Emmerich : Huh?

You feel okay? Nothing bothering you?

Emmerich : What’s wrong? Getting all fiendly all of a sudden?

Oh nothing…. I’m glad you’re okay.

Emmerich : You’re strange.

I’m a little nervous. Everyone else I’ve saved suddenly dies.

Emmerich : You’re bad luck.

Forget it, Doctor.

Emmerich : Call me, Otacon.

Snake seems to remember that whole ‘everyone I’ve met has died’ thing, too.

Otacon : It stands for Otaku Convention. An Otaku is a guy like me who likes Japanimation. Japan was the first country to successfully make bipedal robots. They’re still the best today in the field of robotics.

And Japanese cartoons played some part in that?

Otacon : They did. I didn’t get into science to make nuclear weapons, you know.

That’s what all scientists say.

Otacon : I became a scientist because I wanted to make robots like the ones in the Japanese Animes. Really, it’s true.

Just sounds like a childish excuse to me.
ogod, hardXcore Anime nerd.

Otacon : You’re right. We have to take responsibility. Science has always thrived on war. The greatest weapons of mass destruction were created by scientists who wanted to be famous. But that’s all over now. I won’t take part in murder anymore.

Whatever. All I want from you is information.

Otacon : Sure. I know everything about this whole base. About this base or Rex. Also, with this stealth camouflage, I can sneak in and out of the armory and mess hall. If you need ammo or rations, just tell me and I’ll bring them to you. I’m on frequency 141.12. See ya later.
We see the whole “Snake don’t give fucks” attitude here.

BONUS: Anime stuff. All the Otacons out there can solve this puzzle. What do these to posters have in common?

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