Chrono Trigger: Page 18

We’re almost done. Almost. This makes me sad. After this, there’ll be no more huge updates until I decide to go through all of the endings that I know how to get, or **everyone.

Screw saving the world right now, Dave, as bad ass of a stealthy killer as he is, is home sick. So let’s take the gang and visit his mother!

You not Meryl.


Or just a big bitch. Whichever works for you.


Gee, I wonder where. Christ.

Alright. Whatever.


But, we let the cat roam free in the house!

IT TALKS! Come on, in this world, we’ve seen everything else, why would a talking frog be weird?

I’m sorry, but your princess is in another castle.

Right, now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue the quest.

The Queen of Zeal!? In 2300!? What the christ?

It opens.

Whoa. How does she know this?

Looks like it’s time to defile the shrine..!

Uh oh..

Yeah. That’s what the average Goon looks like. LOWTAKKKS!

A gate!?!!

A Lavos Spawn!?! Time to destroy!

What? What’s going on here?

We’ll see about that.

Destiny? More like wanting to take you down for the last 13000 years.

Hurr hurr hurr, she’s punny.

Wait, let’s not go crazy here.

We take the machine out…

DON’T YOU DIE!?!!!!!?






You have to go against each one of the game’s bosses if you go this way.

Did we do it? Did we defeat Lavos?

Hells yeah!

DAMNIT! (RPG Rule whatever: Final bosses always have multiple forms.)

…Great. Let’s leave and bring the Epoch.

His powerlevel is above ONE MILLION!?!!!!

Uh, I think we woke it up..

GREAT! Let’s try the gate, instead…

Thanks for the assistance.

Let’s do this…

What will happen to the crew? Will that even be the crew I use? ogodthesuspense!!

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