Where’s the line about the Impala? I want the line about the Impala. Oh shit…

The alcohol is starting to set in here. Can you believe we decided to press on after this video for another hour?

“Oh, look, it’s the owl from the ocarina.”
“Fuck owls.”

Now, let’s get into this thing.

Going on with Majora’s Mask, we start to (slowly) get into the meat of this thing. This is not us at our worst. THOSE videos are fucking magical.

What does this look like?
If you see this with a sober mind, it’s innocent. Look at it with a drunken mind, however…

More, more, more.

Let’s continue on with Majora’s Mask. In this video we’re already feeling the effects of playing a drinking game paired with clauses that I knew we’d hit almost without fail.

This was the best N64 game.  Besides Conker.
What’s happening is what you think’s happening.

Enjoy the next few videos!

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Let’s get this party started right..!

So, I’ve been sitting on these videos for nearly three years. Our last recording session was in February 2010, and I thought we’d get more accomplished. So, I present to you, finally, the Majora’s Mask LP in the entirety it was recorded.

Yes, it is seriously that.
There could only be one true file name.

Enjoy the next few videos!

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