Welp, here we go, another update.

This one has ACTUAL CONTENT! Don’t tell anyone, there’s not supposed to be content on my site. I’m just supposed to use it to host files. Inconceivable!

Thought, there’s not much content. I just want this here to give you something.

What is this here, I'm not good with the internet.
Let's do it!

When you watch this you’ll realize something: I like to play with iMovie, no matter how tacky it can become.

Get ready! ¡Cabron!

I guess you can prepare for the Majora’s Mask run by reading the Drinking Game!

Yes, we actually went by this for the first four or so hours. Then it was like magically five in the morning. more recent videos are–well, I can’t go around spoiling everything, now can I?

I really wish Safari and OS X by proxy had the iPhone’s autocorrect feature. I’m too used to typing on it, using a keyboard where I have to manually punctuate and shift is hard.

:ireland: :ireland: :ireland:

Another one?

Well, eventually, I’ll put some :effort: into the site. I did give it a bitchin’ new design, and I’ll eventually get around to updating the LP pages to use the new HTML5 video plugin. But, I’ll be doing the truly maximum :effort: thing here soon. There’s going to be another LP going on soon.

As I mentioned, it’s going to be Majora’s Mask.

Why I’m announcing it without a video or anything? Because it’s going to be the first of many LP done with my BFF.

Our gimmick for this game? We get fucking drunk as hell and play the game. It’s good times. I don’t know why I’m spoilering this, because it doesn’t spoiler in RSS feeds. We’re about half-way through the game, record for like 4 hours every two months. So, I’ll probably upload a teaser here soon, then work on the real thing here eventually.

Who knows, I may post the drinking game here soon!

Today’s secret word is :effort:.