Let’s get this party started right..!

So, I’ve been sitting on these videos for nearly three years. Our last recording session was in February 2010, and I thought we’d get more accomplished. So, I present to you, finally, the Majora’s Mask LP in the entirety it was recorded.

Yes, it is seriously that.
There could only be one true file name.

Enjoy the next few videos!

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Get ready! ¡Cabron!

I guess you can prepare for the Majora’s Mask run by reading the Drinking Game!

Yes, we actually went by this for the first four or so hours. Then it was like magically five in the morning. more recent videos are–well, I can’t go around spoiling everything, now can I?

I really wish Safari and OS X by proxy had the iPhone’s autocorrect feature. I’m too used to typing on it, using a keyboard where I have to manually punctuate and shift is hard.

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