And we’re done.

The process of changing the underlying structure is now finished. The update is now complete. Do you notice the change?

Where have all my Let’s Play! pages gone!?!
They’re still there. Each ‘main page’ of each LP is now a child of the main “Let’s Play!” page. Things look a little bit better this way, and provides the reader with a sense of wonderment, not knowing how long each LP is now. I feel this is the better way to present these things. It’s sort of like reading a book. You have an idea how long it is, but not where it logically divides itself into chapters.

In the future, I may edit each main page of the LP so you can hit up a certain page (which is good for people who casually read through them). The front page will always contain the link to the newest update, too.

So, why did you do it, again?
Well, because the amount of Let’s Play! pages and games I see myself doing would have created a horizontal scroll bar. I HATE those things. Besides this will give me room to add new content. That is, when I’m ready to add new content.