Fo sho.

And, for today’s awesome update, I present to you Final Fantasy V, or, as the link is called “FFV”.

That’s every “Let’s Play!” that was done on my internet journal. With that, I’ll probably roll out another one both here and on my internet journal at the same time. After that, fans of the LP will have to visit to see the latest in the “Let’s Play!”.

I think that’ll be a good idea for content, yes?


The Chrono Trigger LP has been updated and fixed. The transition is complete.

Included on every page, in the footer, is a quick way back to this page. It’s not recommended if you’re in the middle of a good “Let’s Play!”.

Enjoy the new, professional-looking site. Fo sho.


Well, I’m redoing one more time. THIS should be the last time I do something with it. I like this setup. It looks professional, even if the site is not. As of right now, two of the three LPs are ‘fixed’, since you don’t get handy page guides for them. Instead, you get to read through them in the way they were meant to be read through. One page at a time, in order, no skipping.

Life am good.